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  • Toyota RAV4 (III)
  • Toyota RAV4 2007
  • Petrol engine 2.0 l.
  • 152 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic transmission
Toyota RAV4 - review, photo and manual

So point.
The first body -rav4
The second body is Kruzak's probe
The third body-mamavozik.
I read somewhere that the owner was not imprinted with a third body and changed it to the second back. To paraphrase, I’ll say that The first body The second body is to be the RAV-4 Recreation Active Vehicle and the third body, as I understood further, is the RAV4 Recreation Active Vehicle.
— The light is shitty, the lenses do not shine, if they shine, they do not shine for a long time, if they shine, then they get hammered quickly in the mud and porridge, this is not the case. the change of headlights from Amerikos helped, it can be seen there they immediately realized that the lenses are show-offs.

— Who came up with this rear suspension? what kind of sickle-shaped levers what kind of floating bushings. how could it be imagined. Yes, weld the wheels to the body, it would be the same. took off the rear stub, it became easier. they say more shocks need to be changed while I'm studying.

— The drive of the infection, he is the front one, is connected only at the moment — there is nothing better than Fultayma. And all this from saving which did not work out as the second body on the full time ate 12+ and the third on the connected 12+ liters eats. (no need for Lala on the highway, I will also post a photo of 8.9, but in life 12 + liters, period.

- EUR is what it is. No, I had cars with EUR but no. not mine . GUR and point. with the gur you feel the effort. and this ... I’m still flying, studying the voltage drop and all THIS made friends with the touchstream.

- what kind of dynamic voltage is in the board wiring, what kind of battery charge sensor. all because of the 5-6% fuel economy that the old car does not have! you need to look for a charge relay, brushes. why? threw away. engine at the start became softer, the voltage drop disappeared. I will survive 5-6% savings.

— the number under the bumper is ugly, I think to find a quarter from the Americans and remake it into a square number
in general, as I understand it, the Americans are more correctly made than the Europeans, more practical.

— Rear longitudinal silent blocks as without them. we will change.

look like that's it ?

+ Salon wide, the family sits comfortably. more comfortable.
+ Huge trunk, under the trunk balon HBO do not understand that it is there, comfortably comfortable.
+ Taxiing more or less royal, hondovskaya, do not swear and rides yourself and the rules, speeds have become faster. but removed the rear links, otherwise it’s quite a stool.
+ Gur, though electric but the rail to change a trifling matter three hours and 9t.r. new duplicate. no liquids.
engine box identical with the second body.
+ Well, not rotten, all native, plus although the windshield consumables.
I sit thinking is that all? not up to lexus not up to equal?
Well, the truth is, a little wider, a little more roomy and that's it.

this is how the car turned out, for a family for all occasions, in the winter in the summer in the sand to the country. Nooo.
better equal4 only two equal4. I’m thinking of myself personally back by the second car rav4 the first shorty body with two hatches. where you feel free and young. And this all already another this for family.
Thanks for reading, I tried. while the middle of the family and the heart of a man is equal to the second body.
Kruzak in the city a lot, it's a pity Lexus crystal.

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