47. Auto review and others

  • Toyota RAV4(I)
  • Toyota RAV4 1995
  • Petrol engine 2.0 l.
  • 129 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic transmission
Toyota RAV4 - review, photo and manual

Here I will post links to test drives of RAVs - old people in the first generation)

- firstly for myself, so as not to lose (I find and lose);
- secondly - for RAVobratii, who, just like me, love this car, are interested in it and are sure that it is the best in its class at that time (oh, how I turned it down: D well, I want to believe it))))) )

1.Toyota RAV4, Honda HR-V, Suzuki Grand Vitara, Mitsubishi Pajero IO comparison test

47. Auto review and others - Toyota RAV4 1995, photo 1


1 page www.autoreview.ru/tests/jeep_0400/jeep1.htm
2 page www.autoreview.ru/tests/jeep_0400/jeep2.htm
page 3 www.autoreview.ru/tests/jeep_0400/jeep3.htm
page 4 www.autoreview.ru/tests/jeep_0400/jeep4.htm
page 5 www.autoreview.ru/tests/jeep_0400/jeep5.htm

2.Comparative test Toyota RAV4 and Kia Sportage

47. Auto review and others - Toyota RAV4 1995, photo 2

www.toyota-club.be / compare ... iota-rav4-and-kia-sportage /

3. Autocentre. Toyota RAV 4, Suzuki Vitara, Kia Sportage, Honda CR-V: On the floor and beyond

47. Auto review and others - Toyota RAV4 1995, photo 3


4.Toyota Rav4 I — Second TEST in the Main Road (Venta car in Delta 4x4 tuning)

47. Auto review and others - Toyota RAV4 1995, photo 4

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Qwwwest 2022-03-21 (13:48)

Fuck you have a debate here, and all without me ...

M1-ke 2022-03-21 (21:21)

, Come on in, your opinion is authoritative)))

Safinru 2022-03-17 (03:44)

For me, NSGV is still more prolazny. than equal. What do you think? how are you? Mine lacks at least an interaxle lock, but Vitara has more suspension travel

M1-ke 2022-03-17 (03:51)

, New Suzuki Grand Vitara - that is, the 2nd generation - some kind of ambiguous rogue))) On the one hand - you have a lowering, and a rear block from the button, and full time 47:53, all units from below are well protected - everything is like in jeeps, But there is not enough ground clearance at all - it is lower than the same RAVka, the maximum wheels can be stuck only 225/75 or 235/70 R16, and the rear levers do not contribute to the geometric cross. Suspension moves - probably RAVka is a little ahead here (although yours on expanders can also be with a short-stroke suspension, so your Vitara has more moves))) )

Safinru 2022-03-17 (04:05)

, you have a five-door, I have three, there the design of the bottom is slightly different, I have fewer units and cutting 235-70-16 (I need to look after the rollers for the summer of the 18th))) I don’t hurt on the Vitara where I hurt on the ravine, like this then)

M1-ke 2022-03-17 (04:14)

, You would like a thread to make a report in the BZ, compare them - measure the clearance from the thresholds and the crankcase with a tape measure, take a picture next to it - describe the overall impression of the car) I would (and others, I'm sure) would be interested) Vitara-shorty has a lot in common with RAVka))

Safinru 2022-03-17 (04:26)

, and a report from you too) Agreed? I'll try to do this tomorrow)

M1-ke 2022-03-17 (04:29)

, Ok, I've been thinking about this for a long time. In general, we wanted to arrange an off-road battle with Qwest — RAV in stock Vs 5-door Vitara)))

Safinru 2022-03-17 (04:31)

, I have one problem, I can’t park on the Vitar in my native place on the mountain near work) YYY) since there is no blocking, and I have to climb diagonally (rab climbed without problems). and it’s a pity for the lip on the bumper, you can’t ram the snowdrifts like a equal)

M1-ke 2022-03-17 (04:34)

, Here are the outlines for the report))) Vitara's lip is beautiful, but not very off-road))

Safinru 2022-03-17 (03:42)

ash-ervi is already a passenger car ... it shouldn’t stand next to it)

M1-ke 2022-03-17 (03:46)

, Passenger car with chuuuuuuuuut increased clearance)))

Safinru 2022-03-17 (03:52)

, The case was in the first snow ... my friend and I went for a transfer (he is in a tire shop, and I’m for a company-to get worn out, I have on disks =)) my friend didn’t get there (he caught a curb on a summer cut. So his lever turned into a spiral) )) I compared him and my levers for the sake of interest))) And I realized that Rav is not just called a crossover ... Rav has a powerful lever))) but on Aveo, only a sheet of metal with stiffeners)

M1-ke 2022-03-17 (04:02)

, Well, you compared))) Aveo is practically a disposable car: D

Safinru 2022-03-17 (04:03)

, Solaris — disposable))) Aveo norms))) I also want Aveo) it's cool and not especially pop)))

M1-ke 2022-03-17 (04:05)

, Well, Solaris is generally ... ahem ... I haven’t used it, but I’ve already heard about it)))

Safinru 2022-03-17 (04:09)

, well, the manufacturer himself does not hide that the solarium is a diaper

M1-ke 2022-03-17 (04:16)

, Well, for that matter ... what do you think about Duster?)))

Safinru 2022-03-17 (04:25)

, This is B0, that is, logan) everything is probably bad there)))

M1-ke 2022-03-17 (04:29)

, My father really wants him! And he doesn’t like the same SGV-2 (

Safinru 2022-03-17 (04:34)

, service is expensive (Within reasonable limits, a good car, if considered as a city car with a trip to the country, it is a good competitor to the field

M1-ke 2022-03-17 (04:35)

, Competitor Shnive - Duster - I agree))) but not SGV-2)))

Safinru 2022-03-17 (04:38)

, personally, considering the price category "new duster" (<600tr), I would simultaneously dig equal 4 of the second generation and Vitara 3d (in the region of 420tr + 20-80tr - bringing to the state of a new one)

M1-ke 2022-03-17 (04:39)

, He wants a NEW!) and for the life of me)

ArtRAV 2022-03-17 (03:29)

brother, you threw cool articles, RAVik rules)

M1-ke 2022-03-17 (03:30)

, I am sitting and reading! I know a couple more articles - tomorrow I’ll look for it and throw it here!)