"8" Well, no matter how SUV ...

  • Toyota RAV4 (III)
  • Toyota RAV4 2009
  • Petrol engine 2.0 l.
  • 152 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic transmission
Toyota RAV4 - review, photo and manual

This weekend I decided to go to the country to clean the snow from the greenhouses. Because the road is narrow, I decided to put the car closer to the fence, well, as I usually do in the summer. And at first he went out and tried it deeply or not, and everything seems to be fine for hardness, but then the scribe also failed. I pressed all the selector buttons on L, to sense dick, the rear right and front left are slipping and all the other two wheels are silent. In general, I dug enough but I couldn’t get out, in the end I had to resort to a cable.
By slipping heartily with the rear wheel, he raked to the ground as much as the rubber was smoking, as a result, he cut off the central tread about, which he did not understand.
After I went to wash and beat the snow from under the bottom.
Conclusion Ravchik is the most common SUV (a kind of passenger car with high ground clearance) can drive in the city on the curbs, and easy off-road (well, just so very easy).
Now I'm thinking about installing TORSEN in the rear gear.
But I did not find any information on its installation on Rav 4 of the third generation.
Maybe someone set it?

one - Toyota RAV4 2009, photo 1


2 - Toyota RAV4 2009, photo 2


3 - Toyota RAV4 2009, photo 3


4 - Toyota RAV4 2009, photo 4


5 - Toyota RAV4 2009, photo 5


Mileage: 41765 mi. (67200 km.)


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MrDims 2022-03-29 (09:46)

on the 2nd generation there was an honest four-wheel drive

MrDims 2022-03-29 (04:14)

what kind of torsion is here when the clutch overheats in virgin soil after 5 minutes? :)

RUSSIYANIN 2022-03-29 (07:38)

, Yes, but somehow they put it on the second-generation rafik

kostyan2582 2022-03-28 (09:40)

Thorsen was put on the first and second equals for an extra charge. About the third quietly

kostyan2582 2022-03-28 (07:48)

I didn’t find a torsen (( I also wanted it! I have exactly the same equal 2009 and the same color

RUSSIYANIN 2022-03-28 (09:03)

, But didn’t you look in Vladik or couldn’t you find a gearbox for ours?

Abakan4ik 2022-03-28 (06:46)

The stabilization system can be turned off without a button! I just don’t have it, so I had to scour the forum, and everything was decided there for a long time without a button! :)

RUSSIYANIN 2022-03-28 (07:28)

, Yes, I also read about this somewhere, but Toyota engineers made this task easier for me, they put a button)))))

HondaDimon 2022-03-28 (05:59)

Damn, now I remember how a friend Sportage was dragging a friend on the Grand Vitara over the virgin snow, his clutch overheated. Ravchik would not have coped with such a joke at all and would not have passed there himself ...

CAMRYxxx154 2021-04-19 (22:02)

, AntiBux didn’t let you row with all wheels on the raf! But you can turn it off at any time and the raf is like crazy)

RUSSIYANIN 2021-04-19 (22:04)

, Turned off everything completely one hell

RUSSIYANIN 2022-03-28 (07:25)

, Ha compared Vitara and Rafik. Vitara is a full-fledged frame jeep, you can say it was originally built for the army, and only then it became available for civilians

HondaDimon 2022-03-28 (07:27)

, My Vitara of the third generation was with an integrated frame.

somebody 2022-03-28 (04:13)

Here's how to flash the brains of the driver, so that with the help of TRC he would transfer the moment to the wheel with better grip, it would be a fairy tale, like the Acura MDX.

kir1k 2022-01-10 (02:50)

, It's easier to buy an SUV))

RUSSIYANIN 2022-03-28 (04:26)

, Agree completely

tomcat84 2022-03-28 (00:43)

diesel and mechanics, they behave quite differently, the first one works for me as a lowering, it shows itself very well off-road with the anti-axle turned off, the rubber would be even angrier, it will generally be fine :)

RUSSIYANIN 2022-03-28 (00:46)

, Yes, the mechanics are completely different there, at least you can swing. On the Duster, in my opinion, the first one is also like a downgrade.

tomcat84 2022-03-28 (00:47)

, it’s just a little annoying that the first one is very short, it’s not very convenient in the city, but you get used to it over time ...

RUSSIYANIN 2022-03-28 (00:51)

, I have a comrade again on the Duster from the second, it starts off from the first, it’s not convenient, it’s also short)))

tomcat84 2022-03-28 (00:53)

, you can do it without problems, but the load on the clutch increases, and by the way, I dragged the duster on a cable to the exit, where it got stuck, I drove without straining :)

stalker086 2022-03-28 (00:22)

hm. right in the STS it is written: RAV4 - passenger station wagon.

RUSSIYANIN 2022-03-28 (00:30)

, Yes, they write like that everywhere, even called the prado station wagon if I'm not mistaken.

MrDims 2022-03-27 (23:14)

L - this one is not "lowered", but just an indication to the brains beyond the first gear, from which you usually touch from a traffic light, do not switch now tell me how you turned off antibuks :)

TolyaBS 2021-10-23 (10:00)

, You press trk for a few seconds and the whole system is completely disabled

RUSSIYANIN 2022-03-27 (23:33)

, 1. Option "L" - Low reduced gear mode like (like driving through mud - the car drives slowly, and the engine speed is high - so as not to stall) 2. Option "L" - Driving in 1st gear only Used on off-road, steep slopes and for active engine braking. Cannot be turned on at speeds over ~40 km/h 3. Option (marked with "L" or "1"), used as first gear when high torque is required at low travel speed. For example, starting uphill, overcoming steep climbs at low speed, driving on a road full of potholes and potholes. You see, everywhere they write about L-ku in different ways, but you pick up)))

MrDims 2022-03-28 (00:24)

, the muzzle is old, but the year is 2009? well then maybe there is a button, it just went in 2009

RUSSIYANIN 2022-03-28 (00:26)

, I have the first restyling))) just in 2009 and still on the Automatic, and not on the CVT. Their faces are slightly different in optics, grille, and bumper, and from the rear, in my opinion, only taillights.

MrDims 2022-03-28 (00:28)

, you have a rare copy, when selling you can fill the price :)

RUSSIYANIN 2022-03-28 (00:29)

, The previous owner did just that.

MrDims 2022-03-28 (00:30)

, because there are different designs. "reduced gear" initially - this is in a razdatka with two rows, the main one, "for the highway" and the lower one, for dirt We don't have anything like it, never have and never will :)

RUSSIYANIN 2022-03-28 (00:35)

, Maybe you're right, I don't argue, but I repeat, everyone calls it differently, so there is no misunderstanding)))

Peritonitus 2022-03-28 (08:34)

, The same clunker. At the disassembly, they said that the bumpers and optics have different fasteners. Here is the exclusive!

Maslo77 2022-03-28 (20:01)

, So you just clicked and that's it? in general, it must be held down for 6-7 seconds to turn off the electronics. I was in a similar situation not long ago, turned it off and left normally.

RUSSIYANIN 2022-03-28 (20:08)

, Hmmmm ... I didn’t hold it, I just pressed it and that’s it, the inscription TRC turned off lit up on the display. Until I pressed it, TRC did not let it slip normally))) Or is it possible to achieve some other effect from this button?

Maslo77 2022-03-28 (20:12)

, So naturally, the electronics are turned off completely. Try to hold down the button, and the icon will still be displayed on the dashboard. The effect is unambiguous, I drove into the snow specifically, while the electronics were turned on, I could not leave at all. I got into the Internet, started reading, and on the 4rav forum I found about this button clamping, I tried it, I pressed the slipper and the car with axle boxes got out. I think the previous comment from MrDims just meant you turned it off by pressing it or pressing the button. In short, go to the same place and try again))))))

RUSSIYANIN 2022-03-28 (20:34)

, I didn’t know how to say a century, live a century, learn a fool, you will die. I already agreed in the evening back with two cars to the same place we will go to test))))

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