New RAV4 2019 compared to the previous one

  • Toyota RAV4 (IV)
  • Toyota RAV4 2017
  • Petrol engine 2.0 l.
  • 146 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Variable speed drive
Toyota RAV4 - review, photo and manual
New RAV4 2019 compared to the previous one - Toyota RAV4 2017, photo 1

Already started to appear on the roads, I saw a few, and ladies were driving everywhere. I wonder why.
Went to the dealer to watch a newbie, clambered everything.

I got the impression that this is essentially the same (yes, high-quality, reliable, convenient, universal, etc.), but the same is my RAV 2017, only in a different, more beautiful and harmonious shell.

The engine and chassis are almost the same (a little more powerful, there is a version with ok modes in the transmission, but isn’t this marketing? Why do I need a washer with modes in the city? Oh yes, I forgot, it’s not made for the city, only that most off-road, will I go on Rafik?).

A box, yes, a box is better if it is an automatic, not a CVT (no need to shake when approaching a mileage of 100 thousand).

The salon is the same size (+3 cm did not notice), of course it is more convenient, fresh, well, just new, yes. True, the GU is smaller than mine diagonally, and there is no android, which is strange = for me it is much worse (traffic jams).

The body, yes, is new, the clearance is three millimeters more (this is for 2.5 liters, because 2.0 has even 2 mm less), well, ok, almost the same.

Trunk — volume is almost the same.

LED headlights + lights — the same.

The wheels are the same p18, but in this body they look small, you already need more (19-20), which means the wheels with tires are much more expensive (much).

Heating the entire area of ​​the windshield is a question here, I missed this moment, I also have a very useful thing.

So, what we have as a result is a little more powerful, all-round cameras are available, a little more wheel, a washer of transmission modes (play and forget), a few millimeters of ground clearance.

For this, in a comparable configuration (having handed over my trade-in), I need to pay about 1 million rubles. Isn't it too much? Or have I missed something?

Apparently, it is necessary to travel, be sure to write the result of a test drive in bortovik.

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D-Baff 2022-03-22 (07:49)

Adequately written, I think so too

F-Dim 2022-03-22 (12:57)

D-Baff, Have you tried the new one?

D-Baff 2022-03-22 (13:17)

D-Baff, No, haven't tried it yet

VIACHESLAV-550 2022-03-22 (04:24)

tested the new RAV-4, 2.0. Noise as it was and is not on the new ...

F-Dim 2022-03-22 (12:58)

VIACHESLAV-550, This is strange in a car for 2.2+ million

SuperMoto19 2022-03-22 (01:43)

Why do you need to shake on the variator by 10,000 mileage?

F-Dim 2022-03-22 (13:06)

SuperMoto19, Toyota positions its CVTs as maintenance-free. Even the oil is not changed there, although it is there. Nobody canceled physics. At the same time, it is known that the warranty period is 3 years or 100 thousand km, whichever comes first. After the onset of one of these conditions, no one will pay for repairs in the event of a failure. Repairs are very expensive, as we know, in the modern economic model, everyone is trying to sell the new, driving up the price of repairing the old. A new variator is expensive. Voila.

DIMALIND 2022-03-21 (15:09)

In the photo there is a bomb, as in the photo from the Japan Car of the Year award, but we don’t have one like that ... And the fact that he is the same, I do not agree - he is different, very

Stasiillo 2021-05-19 (22:19)

DIMALIND, Separate thrust vectoring systems only in the max. configuration 2.0max 2.5max, in the rest the old four-wheel drive (modified)

NickoSH 2021-06-08 (01:16)

DIMALIND, This is it in Japan - the car of the year, but we have a completely different car in terms of internal packaging, and outside, in terms of tinting and bumpers, the differences are also not sour. Sucks - collected in Russia

DIMALIND 2021-06-08 (03:41)

DIMALIND, This is what is written, with the exception of sediment and assembly ... I have an equal Russian assembly - no complaints

NickoSH 2021-06-08 (03:54)

DIMALIND, Now it has become at the same level as with the Almera assembled in Russia (Nissan bluebird sylphy Jap.) - turned into a shitty car, a barn with wheels

roadrunnerr 2021-07-01 (07:44)

DIMALIND, What is expressed?

roadrunnerr 2021-07-01 (07:49)

DIMALIND, The new engines have a different geometry - they are long-stroke, with a stroke-to-cylinder diameter ratio of 1.2. Such an engine has higher efficiency at the bottom, but lower at the top, just where the maximum kilowatts are measured. No one choked on new engines, even for taxes. Other things being equal, they have a lower maximum power than the old ones.

cynovg 2021-07-01 (07:57)


NickoSH 2021-07-01 (13:13)

DIMALIND, In total savings on the entire performance of the car in most parts. It is too long to describe the amount of what is not and will not be in the Russian version.

F-Dim 2022-03-21 (16:52)

DIMALIND, Saw something that I did not write)) 1) engines are almost the same, not the same. In version 2.0, 3 hp more, this is about nothing, the consumption is comparable. You have here at least theory, at least practice - there is no qualitative superiority. 2) and here - almost the same, but not the same. What is the use of this for me in everyday life? 3) this super revolutionary vario differs only in first gear - do you drive it so often?)) Here is an 8-speed automatic bomb, which I had in mind. 4) Rafik, in principle, can go far, this is known, but the laws of physics, alas. Washers are marketing. 5) and what xs, you see for yourself, 2.0 l has 197 now and 200 in the new one. This is what 3mm is. And in version 2.5, the new one has 195 like. Some crap. 6) here I have p18, but it will be necessary to look normal - set at least 19, and preferably 20. 7) Are you sure? Throw a link pliz. Yes, thanks for the opinion!

F-Dim 2022-03-21 (16:54)

DIMALIND, He is new)) and another generation

cynovg 2022-03-22 (06:09)

DIMALIND, The engines are throttled to reduce taxes.

F-Dim 2022-03-22 (13:08)

DIMALIND, Yes, they especially write that 2.0 with its new mass is no longer running. .

voropaev120 2022-03-21 (13:07)

Maybe nothing has changed for the author, but why did the RAV-4/5 become the car of the year in Japan, before that the RAV had never been awarded this award.

F-Dim 2022-03-21 (16:41)

voropaev120, Here's why they explained it quite specifically: "According to the jury, the new Toyota RAV4 deservedly won the victory, because it fully meets modern ideas about an SUV. The experts noted the range of modern engines, various types of all-wheel drive transmissions, a roomy trunk, as well as a high level of comfort and impressive handling." As you can see, almost everything is estimated. Although the engine is of a new generation, but only 3 hp more, there should be a significantly lower consumption, but this is not the case. Transmissions are not different types, but two types, one is the same, the other is technically more modern, for normal use there is not much difference. The trunk is good, but comparable. Comfort and handling I have yet to understand.

Bond009i 2022-03-22 (06:18)

voropaev120, Look at the hybrid, they most often bang innovations into it. Plug-in Hybrid is on the way.

F-Dim 2022-03-22 (12:50)

voropaev120, This is an option, the price will really be appropriate. .

balakovo64ru 2022-03-21 (12:11)

Water is poured)

GENACC 2022-03-21 (12:54)

balakovo64ru, And we just talk :)) Nothing to do.

F-Dim 2022-03-21 (16:55)

balakovo64ru, In essence, mark the points, for this it is poured))

GENACC 2022-03-21 (11:10)

The key to this reviewer :) Trade in your own and pay extra 1 million rubles! That is, it would be 300 thousand and it would be normal! The main idea of ​​the post... :) I don’t want to offend ... but if it weren’t for a million from above ... the author would have handed over his car and would have written about a new cool rabbi! And how much better is it than the old one... How about a million? So it seems that the old norms are still :))) No offense current :))

Titan5555 2021-07-25 (19:16)

GENACC, I generally obscene Huivey. And nothing - happy 😁

Titan5555 2021-07-25 (19:17)

GENACC, The suspension is very hard. The gasoline engine is frankly weak. Otherwise a good car

F-Dim 2022-03-21 (11:25)

GENACC, The key here is that in front of me is almost (+/-) the same car in its qualities, but yes, you have to pay a lot of money for it. About 300 I'm not at all sure that it would be normal. As a rule, with the change of generations comes some new quality, a new quality level. There is no such thing here.

GENACC 2022-03-21 (11:31)

GENACC, And what should change? If already: 1 Body different 2 Engine other 3 Salon other 4. The box is different As if almost completely different car! What do we picky then need? You can do that with any car... Type, too, there are lights … there are wheels … nothing new!

F-Dim 2022-03-21 (11:38)

GENACC, I mean qualitative changes, well, for example, in the case of a rafik, this is a clearance of 210-220, a base of + 15-20 cm, so that the interior becomes much larger, the appearance of a radically sane all-wheel drive, and so on. So it was with the Rafik, starting in 2013, and with the Corolla since 2013, with the advent of a new generation of Qashqai (which is now slightly restyled), what other examples - well, the Forester from 3rd to 4th generation. There are many examples, actually.

Sugarpapa 2022-03-21 (11:52)

GENACC, And I will support the author! The game is not worth the candle! I took my Ravchik in August, knowing that a new body would be released soon ... I took the "Jubilee", 19 years old, 2.5AT ... I thought that in a couple of months a new one would come out, I'll look at it, listen to reviews, maybe someone will show the cons ... I looked, I traveled ... And now I understand that there is no point in it ... There is no point in changing the 4th to the 5th, the point is to change the 4th to Hilux or Highlander!🤗

GENACC 2022-03-21 (11:57)

GENACC, And those are two big differences! As they say in Odessa :)) Toda and there is nothing to look at the new rabbi. If this class has outgrown ... and there are forces and means for a car of another class ... there will be more centimeters ... and others and the engine is more powerful and the interior is richer :)) So everywhere ... it makes no sense ... but we take and buy iPhone 11 ... but it seems that there is nothing like that in :) I do not want to offend anyone ... just expressing my thoughts. His Rav ... yes, there is not even a thought to change yet! I don't need a car of another class. Satisfied by 120%! I’m looking at a new one … yes, a cool car! The engine can be chipped... Although ride only 95m. Right now I'm riding 92m ... Yes, there is much to discuss! It’s a pity that there’s an extra million, or even two are not there :)))))))

Sugarpapa 2022-03-21 (13:02)

GENACC, 👍👍👍👍👍 and the situation is such that to each his own🤗 someone will drown for a new equal, someone for the old one, someone for the 4th dorestyle🤗 the same with the iPhone, by the way, to the point, someone with 7- who still walks, but give someone 11pro ... it’s good that the wave of iPhones didn’t cover me ... But Samsa had to take the 10th 🤣🤣🤣

GENACC 2022-03-21 (13:19)

GENACC, But Samsa had to take the 10th ... You're just from a different camp :))

Sugarpapa 2022-03-21 (13:20)

GENACC, 🤣🤣🤣🤣

F-Dim 2022-03-21 (16:58)

GENACC, It's strange why they don't want to collect Hai in St. Petersburg, there would be no end

F-Dim 2022-03-21 (17:01)

GENACC, Whisper. You just did not use Xiaomi flagship))

F-Dim 2022-03-21 (17:03)

GENACC, As for the class, that's a good idea, but the classes grow with each new generation. About the 92nd, yes - I completely missed it! Very nice story, ride on the 92nd))

GENACC 2022-03-21 (17:09)

GENACC, Unlikely. I'm talking about Highlander. Expand production … and let's say the car is not quite cheap and it will not have such sales as Rava and Camry. Toyota considers its denyuzhku very well!

F-Dim 2022-03-21 (17:54)

GENACC, It is not cheap due to the fact that they make it in America and to America

VIACHESLAV-550 2022-03-22 (04:22)

GENACC, what are the advantages of the new 2.0 engine? not any...

Sugarpapa 2022-03-22 (06:27)

GENACC, I'm just afraid of these unfamiliar words🤗

Sugarpapa 2022-03-22 (06:29)

GENACC, Damn, well, that's probably why I reason like that, because I drive 95 ... at a flow rate of 14-16 liters🤗

Sugarpapa 2022-03-22 (06:31)

GENACC, I honestly don’t know🤷‍♂️… today I saw Fortuner… why not change the 4th one for it🤗 also an interesting option

F-Dim 2022-03-22 (12:51)

GENACC, )))) Someone insists that you need to read shao mi)))

F-Dim 2022-03-22 (12:52)

GENACC, Today I looked, the new rav rides on the 92nd. That's a big plus!

F-Dim 2022-03-22 (12:56)

GENACC, Yes, I watched it as soon as it came out. I was surprised that it feels a bit cramped in the cabin, IMHO it is not worth the money, there it is rigidly opposed by Mitsu sport, and in terms of price-quality ratio it wins, especially diesel 2.4

Svgwert 2022-03-21 (10:42)

The monitor on the torpedo looks miserable. Ruins the entire interior.

roadrunnerr 2021-08-29 (10:09)

Svgwert, Physical buttons in the car are also relevant in the age of sensors, because you don’t have to be distracted from driving, aiming your finger at the sensor and controlling whether it was pressed there or not. The Auris, CHR and Prius IV have a fully touch-sensitive multimedia pad - after them the physical buttons just feel great.

F-Dim 2022-03-21 (11:21)

Svgwert, Although it is located in the most convenient place, the diagonal is small and the functionality is not the same

m198nx 2022-03-21 (19:55)

Svgwert, Yes, it's not even diagonal, but such a rough and clumsy implementation of this monitor as part of the interior, plus these completely ridiculous buttons on the sides. Could have done nicer.

F-Dim 2022-03-22 (03:14)

Svgwert, There is such a thing, yes, buttons in the age of sensors are strange

Krv043 2022-03-21 (09:42)

a couple of millimeters of clearance, and overhangs are larger, and as a result, the cross-country ability is worse))) there is no android, this is a fat minus, a new internal combustion engine, and who knows its resource, like the variator? that's why I took a new old rav4, with a discount difference of 340,000 rubles.

F-Dim 2022-03-21 (10:19)

Krv043, I looked in the specifications, they write that 2.0 has a clearance of 195 mm and 2.5 has 200 mm. In the previous generation, on the contrary, a two-liter one is higher, the pipe does not hang down.

DangerDenis 2022-03-21 (08:44)

There is a new one, but one thing is embarrassing, in the 40th body there is a Japanese assembly, but in the 50th?

Titan5555 2021-07-25 (21:18)

DangerDenis, Not

Titan5555 2021-11-10 (01:31)

DangerDenis, Not in our market

DIMALIND 2022-03-21 (14:08)

DangerDenis, Didn't see a difference

Timo36rus 2022-03-21 (14:14)

DangerDenis, the Japanese assembly was until the middle of the 16th year. then they launched a plant near St. Petersburg. There will be no more real Japanese

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