OFFroad test drive

  • Toyota RAV4(I)
  • Toyota RAV4 1995
  • Petrol engine 2.0 l.
  • 129 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Manual Transmission
Toyota RAV4 - review, photo and manual
OFFroad test drive - Toyota RAV4 1995, photo 1

As usual, I’m in my own style ... about the same story was when they bought a cornfield, only then it was February and there was liquid mud under the snow, this time the cargo track and loose sand were littered with snow ... an unexpected surprise) It all started with the fact that at half past eleven at night I was impatient to go for a ride through the snowdrifts ... I went down to the river, rode on the virgin snow, the rav rides through the snow up to the headlights with absolutely no problems, it wasn’t deeper, and he also goes to the ascent along such a layer without any questions ... and now he’s getting ready I was going back home, but it wasn’t there, I saw that some kind of ass was hiding there, but I didn’t even suspect that it was so much, in general it was clear that the curved surface combined with a turn and a simultaneous exit to the rise ... and everything would be fine if not a rut ... in which the rafik sat down with the left front wheel and hung on the threshold ... trying to drive back, nothing happened, the right rear stupidly began to dig sand and the car only sat on its belly harder (No shovels, planks of sticks and other there was no agricultural equipment nearby ... I tried to "depict" the blockage of a hung wheel, theoretically it turned out that is, the other wheel began to be dragged, but at that moment it would have been necessary to unlock the second one ... from the "rags" in the trunk I built something like chains ... it became good to cling, but I just dug the sand even more (((As a result, I got tired of reinventing the wheel out of nothing and decided to go after the cornfield))) since it’s not very far from home ... about 3 km ... I took a cornfield, took a friend, arrived, pulled it out and left)))) Conclusions: 1- rav4 of the 1st generation, although it is a crossover, but with not very weak claims for off-road, especially if you put at least one wheel lock, 2- the steeper the jeep, the farther to follow the tractor (it’s good to have a field and a friend who does not sleep at one in the morning) , 3- do not spontaneously climb off-road, especially at night ... in the cold ... alone ... and without a shovel. Here is such a mini adventure, I hope it was interesting for someone to read, but no, no, the main thing is that I myself am satisfied, breathed fresh air, turned on my ingenuity, and, well, I approximately learned about the abilities of a ravchik.

OFFroad test drive - Toyota RAV4 1995, photo 2
OFFroad test drive - Toyota RAV4 1995, photo 3
OFFroad test drive - Toyota RAV4 1995, photo 4
OFFroad test drive - Toyota RAV4 1995, photo 5

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