Dedicated to lovers of non-studded tires, the test of Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 studded tires in an extreme situation.

  • Toyota RAV4 (5G)
  • Toyota RAV4 2020
  • Petrol engine 2.5 l.
  • 199 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic transmission
Toyota RAV4 - review, photo and manual
Dedicated to lovers of non-studded tires, the test of Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 studded tires in an extreme situation. - Toyota RAV4 2020, photo 1

When testing tires, very often the winner is separated from the outsider by 2-4 meters of braking distance. The leaders struggle for tens of centimeters. Is it a lot or a little? What do you think? Do not rush to answer, watch the video. I really like the Nokian Hakkapeliitta 9 tires. I like how they behave on ice, and most importantly, how they perform on clean asphalt. It's freezing in Moscow now. Very slippery in places. On roads where the flow of cars is not large, black ice is not very noticeable. In this situation, there was ice under the right wheel, asphalt under the left. See how exactly the car stopped and how obediently it steers at the same time. This merit is not only tires. This is my first Toyota that knows how to slow down no worse, but better than competitors.

I apologize for the mat ... could not resist.

A couple of years ago, when I first met the nine and appreciated its potential, and then I wrote this article under the impression.
Yesterday I practiced what I believed in before.

Judging by the comments, some erroneous misconceptions are firmly planted in people's heads. Tests are carried out specifically for such cases. Here is an example of this one. See, think. Unfortunately, some stamps are hard to get out of your head, but you try! Yes, more. Three or four years ago there was a strong campaign in Russia for studless tires. As a result, sales of studded and non-studded tires became equal. Today, in our region, one non-studded wheel is sold for three studded wheels.

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RAV4LTU 2022-03-12 (00:59)

I never understood people who block and get out to yell - there is a lot of time and nothing to do?

clakson007 2022-03-15 (02:19)

RAV4LTU, And if there is a new stoned Efremov number 2?

RAV4LTU 2022-03-18 (05:22)

RAV4LTU, Call 112

clakson007 2022-03-18 (06:20)

RAV4LTU, I don't have that much free time. And the violator will not wait.

RAV4LTU 2022-03-18 (06:31)

RAV4LTU, L is logic. Unfortunately, I fell for a drug addict, belts and pillows saved me.

6blK 2022-03-11 (16:17)

He is a goat, judging by your remarks, the signs "give way" and the markings of the place where you need to give way are with you. So you saved yourself. I don’t justify the second maneuver, it’s very similar to some kind of auto-substitution. But if he hit or you - the traffic police and traffic rules would be on his side 100%

Lehafisherman 2021-01-03 (01:10)

6blK, Guys, there are 170 comments. 50% to go to retake. The asshole on the sedan was lucky that instead of the author there was no truck))

6blK 2021-01-03 (07:12)

6blK, Fura would be just as guilty as the author)

Lehafisherman 2021-01-03 (07:13)

6blK, Who are we talking about, and who is to blame? P.S. Keep driving like this :) You did not mess with the stop line)) Or did he go to the main one?!

6blK 2021-01-03 (10:59)

6blK, keep ignoring traffic rules)) driving according to concepts will not lead to anything good

Lehafisherman 2021-01-03 (11:03)

6blK, What concepts are we talking about? Who should yield to whom?

6blK 2021-01-03 (11:06)

6blK, watch the video, everything is clear and unambiguous) or read my first comment

Lehafisherman 2021-01-03 (11:09)

6blK, Where should he miss, according to your logic?

6blK 2021-01-03 (11:14)

6blK, hand face(((and these people drive with me on the same roads

Lehafisherman 2021-01-03 (11:20)

6blK, Look where someone was driving from. Both from adjacent. The author is in his lane. And even if it were with the main one, then no one owes him anything there! You are a fucking deer)))

6blK 2021-01-03 (11:24)

6blK, scary. It's scary from such a mess in the head of such people. Stupid and believe in their stupidity. Has it foamed at the mouth yet?

Lehafisherman 2021-01-03 (11:25)

6blK, Good luck!

Lehafisherman 2021-01-03 (12:01)

6blK, Maybe it will be more useful here.

6blK 2021-01-03 (12:25)

6blK, have you already said goodbye? Open the traffic rules everything is clearly written there some other non-bloggers to watch)

savelnik43 2022-03-11 (11:40)

Nah spikes. For the north, yes, for the city center it's nonsense. I get high on Nokia Suv without spikes)

aleksei-me 2022-03-11 (11:38)

I will speak in defense of friction. And that's why. All tests are carried out on new tires. Where are the tests with the spikes flying out? They are not here! No spikes - no rubber. Losing them on cleared asphalt roads is not a tricky business. The same ZR repeatedly summed up - up to -20 friction clutches lose to spikes. Especially significant with small frosts on wet ice is fatality. And after -20 friction clutches begin to work even better than spikes. On asphalt, studded tires behave BETTER than friction clutches, because. they are not as soft. But on the rails, the spikes can behave in an unknown way - extremely slippery. I rode a Continental ContiIceContact, it was dumb to press the brake, because. coast of spikes. Didn't notice any difference with the clutches. I got into the freezing rain on the Angarsk Pass on the Bridgestone WS60 (now Revo GZ) - absolutely confidently climbed and descended to Alushta. The buses rolled sideways. I won't say that I felt confident, but there was not a single hint of a loss of control.

stepbes 2022-03-11 (10:16)

3 years ago I put on Velcro Goodyear Ultra Grip Ice 2 to try it, I won’t go back to spikes! Much nicer and more predictable tires than studded ones. Last year, there was no winter, for example) to carry spikes dry?! I don’t eat well and I put on Velcro when the temperature is +5

A-Mels 2022-03-11 (09:45)

I am for thorns in winter, no matter who proves something. 11 years behind the wheel of different cars. On the current car, Nokian 7 + a good CSP system - thanks to this, the driving style is almost like in summer (I don’t drive much in summer either :)

Pavel58i 2022-03-11 (08:50)

An unpleasant situation, it's good that everything ended without consequences. Good tires and modern helpers in cars are just what you need for emergency situations, and not for standing in traffic jams. For example, in the conditions of the same Moscow, when it is dry in the evening and frost in the morning, especially on bridges and overpasses. I ride on spikes all my driving experience, I don’t understand those who drown for non-studded. Unpaid tests indicate that the spikes behave much better on ice and on asphalt than the clutch. A few meters of braking distance in reserve will help save your nerves at least)

somebody 2022-03-11 (14:21)

Pavel58i, You don’t understand, because you didn’t skate, that’s all.

Micheal75 2022-03-11 (08:49)

As for the traffic situation, there was a "give way" sign. Yes, he changed dramatically, but formally the author is not right. And in the event of an accident, it would hardly have been possible to prove one's case, even with a video. There was a sign and that's it. And it is further duplicated, for those who do not see the first. Rubber, I agree. Hakka 9 I liked everything. Except the noise. Therefore, I sold the rollback of season 3 and changed it to Mishki Ice north 4. Much quieter. In all other respects, both tires are very similar with slight differences. In the BZ at home, I wrote more. I don't agree about the velcro. In a clean metropolis is quite an option. If we had roads cleaned like in Moscow and there were no trips out of town, I would definitely take Velcro. Yes, the driving style would have to be corrected, but this is not critical. And Velcro has its advantages too. Especially for owners of all-wheel drive cars with electronic assistants. All good roads.

XMOs 2022-03-11 (08:25)

I can say this, Hakka 9 of course ZBS, but in a specific situation, the top Velcro would have behaved no worse, and maybe better, in my region it’s hard without spikes, so I use x-ice north 4, I had the opportunity to compare it with Hakka 9 on a similar car, and Bears are more predictable than Hakka, and at the same time almost silent, + softer than Hakka, well, to each his own)

Pashik-BTSK 2022-03-11 (07:34)

It was necessary to let them through, they could be seen from afar and their intentions too. On the video you can hear how the spikes went in the skid, what kind of check it is not clear! The friction clutch on dry pavement is difficult to start up! On the friction clutch, most likely, I would have stopped faster. And hit the ice at the end. When he left the collision, because the braking distance turned out to be very large, due to just the same spikes. These are purely my conclusions. It's good that everything worked out!

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