• Toyota RAV4 (5G)
  • Toyota RAV4 2020
  • Petrol engine 2.0 l.
  • 150 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Variable speed drive
Toyota RAV4 - review, photo and manual
Parts pictured: TM177 - Toyota RAV4 2020, photo 1

Parts pictured: TM177

I really wanted and chose a suitable copy for a long time. On the Internet, thresholds of all possible types ... Avito stumbled upon cute thresholds for 9500r, new ones. The price is even very attractive, because. sooochno the same thresholds on sites tyuninha rav4 from 15t to 25t))) So we rushed behind these thresholds at full speed, took the latter at that price. Sold turned out to be a very sociable young man … also on sale are frills such as door closers, body kits, android radio tape recorders for new raffics.
Well, that means...
From the nuances of the result:
1. To install the thresholds, it was necessary to remove the regular plastic kt goes under the doors, because. this plastic is provided on the thresholds themselves.
2. The front mudguards installed earlier at the dealer did not fit in width, you will have to look for something universal ... without them there is no option at all. the wheels are wide, the skiff will quickly come to the arches.

Thresholds - Toyota RAV4 2020, photo 2
Thresholds - Toyota RAV4 2020, photo 3
Thresholds - Toyota RAV4 2020, photo 4
Thresholds - Toyota RAV4 2020, photo 5
Thresholds - Toyota RAV4 2020, photo 6
Thresholds - Toyota RAV4 2020, photo 7
Thresholds - Toyota RAV4 2020, photo 8
Thresholds - Toyota RAV4 2020, photo 9
Thresholds - Toyota RAV4 2020, photo 10

They charged 1500 for installation.

The purchase is satisfied as an elephant!

Thresholds - Toyota RAV4 2020, photo 11

Spare parts

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Mileage: 3294 mi. (5300 km.)

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Nikitos75 2021-12-29 (16:37)

The most important thing is to monitor the corrosion of the bolts that are screwed, otherwise they will have to be broken off later to remove the thresholds😁

PoliVik 2021-12-29 (19:13)

Nikitos75, Well let's hope everything goes well

avi-ator43 2021-12-29 (07:57)

Rather, I’m happy like a little elephant, because you don’t “pull” on an elephant at all)!

PoliVik 2021-12-29 (19:13)

avi-ator43, 😋))))))

Titan5555 2021-12-17 (12:20)

In winter, these thresholds are terrible hemorrhoids, in summer they are simply useless ... But no matter what the child amuses ... The main thing is that you are satisfied

shakhriyar91 2021-12-15 (10:25)

why on a relatively low car thresholds?)))

PoliVik 2021-12-15 (10:27)

shakhriyar91, So, why not? I like it, I think this is the main factor for their installation.

shakhriyar91 2021-12-15 (10:42)

shakhriyar91, it goes without saying.

IQ-QI 2021-12-16 (08:26)

shakhriyar91, They also make less clearance, smear trousers ...

IQ-QI 2021-12-16 (08:27)

shakhriyar91, I agree the main thing is to like the owner!

InvQ 2021-12-14 (21:30)

Thresholds are a very cool thing, they help to drive off-road and get stuck in pits.

dIb18 2021-12-17 (00:18)

InvQ, And they also help to dirty your pants when you get out of the car.

AlSkela 2021-12-14 (20:53)

👍 I will also put

MixaZ-85 2021-12-14 (19:14)

On the contrary, I got sick of these thresholds on the Pajero, always dirty, in the winter, in general, the pipets that stick to them, I only found one plus, the child climbs into the car without dirtying the lining of the inner threshold. Well, if the owner likes it, good luck with the operation.

Stasiillo 2021-12-14 (16:46)

It is also necessary to put it, as long as the front seat has not turned into dust! By the way, this is the first emerging problem, the side part of the seat is strongly mentioned when disembarking, because the legs do not reach the ground, and this is with me with a height of 190 cm, and if the person is shorter

Bekenkov 2021-12-14 (14:32)

How much did it cost to cover the roof in the dark?

PoliVik 2021-12-14 (20:27)

Bekenkov, So I won’t say right off the bat, I don’t remember. Raf was already in the cabin, I took it like that. There will be time to look at the docks how much it cost.

Bekenkov 2021-12-15 (00:06)

Bekenkov, Is it obtained as an additional option or equipment as in Europe? Do you have a sunroof?

PoliVik 2021-12-15 (00:12)

Bekenkov, Luke is not. It looks like it's an extra option.

GP-BlackAngel 2021-12-14 (11:15)

The same first wanted to put thresholds. But remembering the icing of the thresholds in the winter on the Prado, I decided to watch Temko for now. We have door linings very close to the thresholds, if you drive through the puddles and it's frosty at night, then in the morning you can not open the doors. I spent half the winter on Prados, for this reason I didn’t open the trunk))) because of the icing it was impossible to physically open it, only in a warm box or pound on the bumper with a wooden brush, which is fraught with paintwork.

PoliVik 2021-12-14 (11:20)

GP-BlackAngel, Yes, I thought about it. In winter, I will observe how it will be) in general, this is not the first time I put thresholds on cars, I never had a desire to remove them

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