Mumbling, but quiet and replacing the rear crankshaft oil seal

  • Toyota RAV4(I)
  • Toyota RAV4 1995
  • Petrol engine 2.0 l.
  • 140 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic transmission
Toyota RAV4 - review, photo and manual
Mumbling, but quiet and replacing the rear crankshaft oil seal - Toyota RAV4 1995, photo 1

Frosty morning everyone =)

By the name of the entry in the BZ, and so it is clear what will be discussed,
The previous entry was about looking for a man who can help with the exhaust system. I got the forward flow and the neighbors already started to get nervous)
Kind YogurtDanone advised me to go to Uncle Misha)))) but before that I went to another service in my district on the advice of a driver, they could help there, but I wasn’t ready to dump an inhumane amount for altering the exhaust, they also offered to stick a regular can and it would be I'm happy... I don't want to...
Navik showed two and a half hours to go to Voykovskaya to the guys, she was not mentally ready
We're going to Uncle Misha))) officially, as it turned out, this is the MDM garage.
The first visit was precisely on the alteration of the exhaust, the forward flow of the bank was cut off (if anyone needs it, I can sell it), I put the same round one, but a little longer, it is also not visible and the resonator was cooked in. When I started the car - it was a paradise for the ears, comparing with cocurrent - the small one worked silently))))
I left the service, and was very surprised - Small began to drive differently, much better, it responds very easily to the gas pedal, a pickup appeared, in general it knocks)))))

And the second visit to Uncle Misha was this weekend.
The work has been done is not small — replacing the crankshaft rear oil seal, because. oil was dripping from the engine, no, I would even say flowing.
They drove it onto a lift, and then it started, they began to disassemble, remove the box and hang the engines.
Of the whole process, I saw only the disassembly and assembly of Small, tk. left the service.
According to the results of the work done, the gland was in a deplorable state (no photo), as if it had been pierced with a screwdriver during installation. Also during the repair were replaced shruz anthers, rear brake pads, and engine oil.
The impressions about the service were positive. The approach of the guys to car repair is to do it qualitatively.
I trusted my Small))) which is a rarity for me.

Happy New Year and clear skies everyone =)

Mumbling, but quiet and replacing the rear crankshaft oil seal - Toyota RAV4 1995, photo 2


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zhoglodey 2022-03-31 (18:40)

A gift for the New Year for a small one))) great job done! Sometimes I envy big cities that you can take the car to the service and they will do everything ... but we don’t have a service) you take it and do it yourself))) I did quite a bit more than yours, but it took a month)))) the bolts around the stuffing box are like new) Happy New Year! =)

Mikess 2022-03-31 (16:19)

As for being pierced with a screwdriver - it is, they just pierced it when removing it)) They also changed it for me, picked it up with a screwdriver and pulled it out. If you had it with a hole, then the oil was all gone on the first trip))

XOOLYGANKA 2021-04-03 (18:26)

Mikess, Perhaps, but the guys said that he was in such a state, and the oil often had to be finished off by almost a liter

horeev 2022-03-30 (19:31)

I noticed that the replacement of oil seals and other nonsense occurs every half a year ... what is it connected with? Maybe you need to change your driving style? ))))))

XOOLYGANKA 2022-03-30 (20:12)

horeev, This is the first time I am changing this oil seal to Melky, but how can this depend on the driving style? Throw up 40 in the right lane or more often the tank on the floor? In fact, I personally do not know what it could be connected with.

YogurtDanone 2022-03-30 (13:36)

Well, congratulations! I did everything right, they are super guys, I spent the whole Friday with them, they made full-time from multi-mode)) and I will trust Uncle Misha to remake the exhaust after the tank 2 under the ass arrives))

XOOLYGANKA 2022-03-30 (13:40)

YogurtDanone, Thank you =) I was madly surprised at the prices, they announced 12,000 for replacing the oil seal, and here there are only 6, the guys are really very good, this is not the last time they have it for sure))) because there is more to do =)

YogurtDanone 2022-03-30 (13:42)

YogurtDanone, Well, the prices they will pleasantly surprise you more than once. sorry, I live far away, but I have a friend Kolyan, to whom I just give the car and everything is in ointment)) in general, welcome to them, they are good, and if you still bring cookies, then in general)))

XOOLYGANKA 2022-03-30 (14:17)

YogurtDanone, Yoki)) I'll keep it in mind for the future =)

YogurtDanone 2022-03-30 (14:20)

YogurtDanone, cookies are priceless

XOOLYGANKA 2022-03-30 (14:39)

YogurtDanone, exactly =)

M1-ke 2022-03-30 (09:57)

Now not Eron don don? ((( :D

XOOLYGANKA 2022-03-30 (10:00)

M1-ke, :D nope))))) in another way - tenderness)))))

Pandarus 2022-03-30 (09:04)

Small with recovery. Good luck in the new year.

XOOLYGANKA 2022-03-30 (09:08)

Pandarus, Thank you very much, Melkom still needs to be repaired, there is still something to do))) And all the best to you in the New Year!

Pandarus 2022-03-30 (09:10)

Pandarus, Well, nothing, let all the breakdowns remain this year. At the New Year's holidays there are plans for the car.

XOOLYGANKA 2022-03-30 (09:21)

Pandarus, In the old year, I definitely won’t have time to do everything))

Pandarus 2022-03-30 (09:45)

Pandarus, You can do it in a new one, the main thing is that the small one does not break next year.

XOOLYGANKA 2022-03-30 (09:50)

Pandarus, I think it will not break =) will be smart in the new year)))

Ilss 2022-01-14 (20:26)

Greetings, it is also necessary to change the oil seal, tell me what kind of companion is needed to replace the oil seal, what else to order)?

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