Dead battery (part 3)

  • Toyota RAV4 (IV)
  • Toyota RAV4 2017
  • Petrol engine 2.0 l.
  • 146 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Variable speed drive
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In continuation of past small epics with a battery))

It turned out to transfer the car to the dealership only yesterday, and not 24.11. Of course, there were problems with loading, since the box turned out to be unlocked, but the steering wheel itself was not. I had to move like a tank...

Dead battery (part 3) - Toyota RAV4 2017, photo 1
Dead battery (part 3) - Toyota RAV4 2017, photo 2

Loaded in 30 minutes and went to the dealer.
We arrived (it was already recorded), made an order-outfit, examined the car, brought it to the box and that’s all, they said goodbye to me ...
— Hmmm, wait guys, let's discuss what will you do with the car? How long will this all take?
As a result, they take the car for at least a day and will do everything the same as during the first call, namely, test the battery itself when charging it with a low current and also do some kind of crap. I asked if they would do something new to me or would they stupidly charge my battery again and let me go? I started to get a little angry. I was approached by one of their employees (he has been working there since the opening). We talked to him, I told him all my indignations and that I stupidly want to know the reason for the leak, in order to know to whom I can complain for this. He said that they would try to find a leak and "tweak" the battery test for a warranty replacement, that is, the battery will be changed for me in any case - this is already pleasing.
Now the car is stupid, like last time, on recharging the battery, probably with a small current, as they said for the test ...

Dead battery (part 3) - Toyota RAV4 2017, photo 3

The next thing I did was to ask for a replacement, since in the morning I would look for car sharing, call a taxi and, in general, pay money not on my own whim to get to work and back, and then also to the dealer, if the car is ready, I don’t I didn't want a drop. The girl from the car acceptance told me that they had a small fleet of replacements and had to be ordered in advance, although when making an appointment by phone they told me that this issue should be resolved on the spot and upon the fact of a malfunction ... Here, in general, as usual, everyone's opinions differ. But what struck me the most was her words that you call more often, you never know the car will appear ... That is, I have to call you every hour? I was indignant ... In general, we again call the customer service manager. This time Borisova Maria worked, who had already solved my problems very quickly and adequately. I want to express my gratitude to her for the last time and for this one. I told her everything, 5 minutes of waiting and they tell me that in an hour they are ready to provide me with a replacement car. I think what will they give this time? Is it another Toyota Hilux… but no, this time they gave me a Toyota CH-R.

Dead battery (part 3) - Toyota RAV4 2017, photo 4
Dead battery (part 3) - Toyota RAV4 2017, photo 5
Dead battery (part 3) - Toyota RAV4 2017, photo 6
Dead battery (part 3) - Toyota RAV4 2017, photo 7

Well, now I'm waiting for a call from the dealer about the readiness of the car. I'll see if they do everything as promised and if they find a leak, if there is one, of course, and not already a bad battery.

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LAPW 2022-02-26 (11:10)

But what, they can’t connect an ammeter with a log record? Blah, dealer stations were provided with steel, like garages.

IIIypuk2304 2022-02-26 (11:13)

, I don’t know what they connected and how exactly they checked it, but they said that everything consumes normally ((Maybe the battery was really frail ... So far I don’t see any problems with the new one, time will tell how it will show itself.

LAPW 2022-02-26 (11:15)

, God bless. It's just that it's difficult to check the leakage current. And don't break your head. Batteries are found in a factory marriage, like everything else in the world.

IIIypuk2304 2022-02-26 (11:20)

, So twice, when I handed over the car, they said that they checked the leakage current. They said that we would first charge something with a low current, then we would connect and check the consumption of all additional equipment, then we would turn off the installed additional equipment and check ... As a result: "All consumption is normal. All signaling units fall asleep, it is not known what the problem is. Most likely due to the fact that you have small routes and the battery does not have time to charge ... ". But this time, when they checked and tested, the battery was either disconnected and tested separately, or the recorder was turned off so that they could not see what they were doing with the car. Since she stupidly stood on the charge all night and in the morning a notification came that the battery was connected and I already watched the picture that the car was being sent for washing and it was already ready ... So, I don’t know what exactly they did this time, only according to the receiver …

serg661 2022-02-25 (20:04)

Tell me about c-hr how is she?

IIIypuk2304 2022-02-26 (10:12)

, I didn’t like it (( The price is about the same as the RAV4, but it’s more crowded in the car, especially for the rear passengers. Four-wheel drive is more expensive than the RAV4. The mirrors are less informative. Not bad, but I didn’t have enough visibility, because I often change lanes and like to see several lanes, not one/one and a half.Sound-wise everything is just as bad as in RAV4.I liked the leather on the steering wheel much more.I didn’t notice any strong differences in dynamics.Light ... The optics gave out yellow light - cheap, well, halogen, what can I say … No keyless entry, no electric mirrors, no start/stop buttons, and all this from 1,720,000 rubles…

serg661 2022-02-26 (11:04)

, Every year the quality of cars is getting worse and worse! Therefore, I have already decided that I will go to thaw on Ravchik! For 2 million and this is molded!

RAM237 2022-02-25 (19:21)

These idiots don't want to work. Recently, at work, I encountered the same thing ... I was only even more delusional, I initially provided more than enough facts to localize the problem, it only remained to apply minimally to the designated area and, in fact, detect the problem and solve it, for no more than an hour breaks in essence. On Friday evening, I wrote them all in detail, so I was late for 2 hours at work because of this ... As a result, NOBODY DID ANYTHING over the weekend, and on Monday they call me and ask me "What is your plan"! I am a patient person, I explained it again. By the middle of the week, my nerves had already begun to fail ... And only by the middle of the next week they finally MANAGED to find the problem exactly where I immediately indicated! Bitch, how infuriates such a disregard for their duties!

IIIypuk2304 2022-02-25 (19:29)

, They gave me the car today. They changed the battery under warranty, but they did not find the reason for the discharge of the old one ... They suggested that I had short routes (home-work-home) and that this type was not enough to charge the battery. And to the question: what to do if the battery discharges again? I silently shrugged in response. I'll try, if everything repeats, contact another dealership, for example, major, and not rolf. In the first one, there was service and clarification on all my questions, the only negative so far is to go further.

RAM237 2022-02-25 (19:34)

, As I wrote the other day, this is nonsense, I have the same short routes, and nothing has been so discharged in a year, of course, it got hooked by 30 percent, but I started cheerfully at -10, and with the key, and from the key fob, and after two days downtime. Obviously, they have no desire to look for a leak. We need to find a suitable master ...

IIIypuk2304 2022-02-25 (19:39)

, I also said your words today, I just mixed it up and said I’ve been driving for 3 years and no problems)) In response, I just shrugged my shoulders… He also said that he was leaving the country for 10 days in the summer and that at that moment there weren’t any special stages in car, and the fact that upon arrival the battery sank to 6 volts, and the car stopped giving feedback. What was the problem there? The response was the same...

Samoylichenko 2022-02-25 (13:53)

You would wipe the dough about twisting, Toyota Russia is looking at D2)

IIIypuk2304 2022-02-25 (14:12)

, Yes, let them look)) I was told they would tweak it, but in fact, maybe they won’t change anything at all. If they can't find the cause and the best they can do is replace the battery and tweak the results... I'm more interested in finding the cause. That's what they will replace it for me, and for longer if the same thing happens again? Constantly twisting the results is not the point ... you need to fix the problem. I hope that the matter is in the battery and everything will be fixed by replacement, unless of course they change it.

lehastom 2022-02-25 (10:46)

Where I am served they say that there are no substitutions. It is also possible that the car will have to be left at the dealer, especially since the dealer is 200 km away. It turns out that all the same they give a car?

IIIypuk2304 2022-02-25 (10:50)

, Of course they give, only someone does not ask, and someone asks badly. Call the customer service manager and solve everything with her. If there is an adequate one, then the car will be provided so as not to reach conflict situations.

IIIypuk2304 2022-02-25 (10:51)

, In general, they gave me a test drive, as you can see from the stickers, although in the first part they gave Hilux, without any identifying inscriptions))

DxKos 2022-02-25 (12:34)

, Will have to try. The dealer where the substitution was serviced was always paid ...

IIIypuk2304 2022-02-25 (12:37)

, Each dealer has their own terms and conditions. I know that in ROLF, where Mazda is sold, there is a paid one, here ROLF Toyota / Lexus, here it is free. Again, it is better to read the rights and obligations of the client / dealer. Since there may be a condition that the replacement is paid, but when the warranty repair it can be provided for free ...

Larry-4 2022-02-25 (10:23)

Did you get a refund for the ejaculator?

Dmitriy-Penza 2022-02-24 (11:59)

, Hello. How was the problem solved?

Dmitriy-Penza 2022-02-24 (12:01)

, Hello. Did you solve the problem?

Peacekeeper7 2022-02-25 (02:41)

, Hello. Thank God it's resolved... They did a lot of manipulations, only the battery was changed a day!) The problem was in the Needle. Took it off and the battery never ran out. Replaced Igli with Pandora. All!

IIIypuk2304 2022-02-25 (11:34)

, I have a roadside assistance card. So it was "free". But the dealers said that if the warranty case, but they pay the tow truck in full.

Peacekeeper7 2022-02-28 (17:15)

, Hello. Were you able to determine the cause? I have a Toyota Ch-r (2018). Faced the same problem... Battery discharge, now at -5 overboard, the battery runs out in a day and a half ... Officials visited 5 times! The battery was changed twice under warranty))) of the special stages, only the anti-theft "Needle" and fsёёё were installed! The problem is not fixed, the electricians shrug their shoulders, the sensors clearly show that everything is all right) I'm getting ready to go there 6 times.

IIIypuk2304 2022-02-28 (17:19)

, Greetings! I'm not happy - the reason was not found ... I’ll go next time to another official, or I’ll go broke for 3000r and rent the car to the service center of my alarm. There I was told that the car should not be tested for one day, but at least 3-4. Maybe they'll find it.

Peacekeeper7 2022-02-28 (17:23)

, Thanks for the answer. I will probably turn off my anti-theft (despite the fact that it shows serviceability) ... and I will look at the indicators. Will infa share. I wish you the best solution to the problem!

IIIypuk2304 2022-02-28 (17:27)

, Thanks and mutually! I hope everything gets resolved 😊

IIIypuk2304 2022-03-09 (22:44)

, Hello. The problem is that my home-work routes are small, the DVR is always online, and the 4G modem also always works for it, so they drop me off quickly because of this ((

Peacekeeper7 2022-03-25 (16:53)

, Hello! It's been 3 weeks... and I think I solved my problem) I dismantled my anti-gun (Igla immobilizer was standing), the problem, as it turned out, was precisely in it. When diagnosing, the test equipment showed that everything was fine, but in fact, at sub-zero temperatures, the battery was discharged in one or two days ... I put another sig and the problem was solved by itself!)

IIIypuk2304 2022-03-26 (09:52)

, Greetings!) And I tried to turn off the registrar for the night and the battery discharge is normal)) I'll look at the New Year holidays for how long the battery will sit down without a registrar. If it’s also for 2-3 days, then I’ll test the signaling already at the Pandora officials themselves, not at the dealer)) the latter are of little use))

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