Results of the first elections

  • Toyota RAV4 (II)
  • Toyota RAV4 2004
  • Petrol engine 2.0 l.
  • 150 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic transmission
Toyota RAV4 - review, photo and manual

Hello everyone, yesterday’s elections ended, which were the first for me, I don’t wear rose-colored glasses, I didn’t initially count on winning, but I hoped for a higher place, but oh well, it turned out the way it did, I can’t say that I’m very happy, but also I'm not very sad :) I hope I participated not for the last time, but on the main one flaunts Zetka, whom I predicted victory yesterday Clement He took place No. 8 without any promotions and other enticements, the first four cars hung in the tape for a long time and, as expected, took high places. I want to express my deep gratitude to everyone who supported my RAVshan4ika in the elections, as well as to all new and old subscribers and special thanks to Damir-MaDaGa , who woke me up in the morning, created a support thread on Toyota RAV 4 club and sincerely hoped for my victory :))))

8th place - Toyota RAV4 2004, photo 1

8th place

elections - Toyota RAV4 2004, photo 2


Of course, there are also positive moments after participating in the elections, the rating increased to 57, in the top rav4 entered the top ten and the top Novosibirsk - 69th place.

10th place among all generations of rav4 - Toyota RAV4 2004, photo 3

10th place among all generations of rav4

TOP Novosibirsk 69th place - Toyota RAV4 2004, photo 4

TOP Novosibirsk 69th place

These are the changes that took place after participation in the election race, as they usually say in such cases, the main participation, not victory.

Spare parts

Name Manufacturer Vendor code
EEC-V MODULE Ford 1772303

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GermanKipot 2022-03-27 (23:05)

Beautiful!)) Mutual signature bro))

Patron-X 2022-03-15 (06:04)

For the first time will go! :)

Rapid-Nsk 2022-03-15 (06:37)

, think?)

Patron-X 2022-03-15 (06:57)

, Sure)

AntonVasilevich1 2022-03-14 (13:04)

Still handsome)

Rapid-Nsk 2022-03-14 (16:47)

, Thanks

Xpyct514 2022-03-14 (11:45)

Rav4 does not pull on a show car in any way, it is also difficult to tune and no one does it at all ... boring, reliable and comfortable, but not a show car)

Rapid-Nsk 2022-03-14 (16:47)

, So he is a complete stock, except for summer wheels)

Alekseych116rus 2022-03-14 (04:47)

8 is a sign of infinity, Igor! So everything is ahead! And for your information, RAVs and CR-Vs have never won prizes. Reliable and beautiful Girls in the elections are of no interest to anyone. Better horror stories or the more sisegs on the main photo, the better.

Rapid-Nsk 2022-03-14 (04:50)

, Lech, yes, I didn’t count on a pedestal, for 6 years I have never met an equal on the main one :))

Alekseych116rus 2022-03-14 (04:55)

, Same thing with the CR-V. The most is 5th place

Results of the first elections, Toyota RAV4 2004 - ,  1
TiGra-BiGra 2022-03-14 (03:42)

Consider it not the eighth but the third))

Rapid-Nsk 2022-03-14 (03:43)

, Yes Tanya, bronze in the top three outsiders :)))

GTRacing 2022-03-14 (03:13)

Eighth place is a good result, believe me =)

Rapid-Nsk 2022-03-14 (03:36)

, Sanya, I do not believe :))

GTRacing 2022-03-14 (04:06)

, I wanted a higher place, then I had to put the sisGi on the title photo. And so weave at the end, like all honest citizens

Confusus 2022-03-14 (03:00)

do not worry ! What is our life? A game !

Rapid-Nsk 2022-03-14 (03:37)

, yeah i'm not upset :)

Aleks077-1976 2022-03-14 (02:59)

Great results without any money

Rapid-Nsk 2022-03-14 (03:38)

, Do you think Lech? ))

Aleks077-1976 2022-03-14 (03:43)

, I think!)) I’d rather put money into a typewriter into a typewriter than into a typewriter!)))

Rapid-Nsk 2022-03-14 (03:45)

, So I didn't shoot anything :)

Aleks077-1976 2022-03-14 (03:47)

, I'm not only talking about tuners, I'm also talking about good consumables, but not what and when))

Rapid-Nsk 2022-03-14 (03:52)

, yes, I have a royal salon for free :))) and I didn’t seem to save on the rest)

Dmitrii2015 2022-03-14 (02:48)

The main thing is not victory, the main thing is participation)) Congratulations.

Rapid-Nsk 2022-03-14 (02:52)

, when you don't always win, that's what they say :)

Dmitrii2015 2022-03-14 (03:00)

, Everything is still ahead. This is just the beginning.

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