I want HBO, but is it necessary?)

  • Toyota RAV4 (II)
  • Toyota RAV4 2003
  • Petrol engine 1.8 l.
  • 125 horsepower
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Automatic transmission
Toyota RAV4 - review, photo and manual
I want HBO, but is it necessary?) - Toyota RAV4 2003, photo 1

Hi all!
Chet got excited about the idea of ​​putting gas equipment on Ravchik.
The 1.8 engine, in theory, and so in terms of consumption norms, but you can drive even cheaper, exactly half ...
Yes, and I love to ride on gas, all gazelles on HBO.
I drove to the gas workers, the price tag was announced 50+, even as it is not ready to part with fifty dollars.
Buy bushes for 15 and install it yourself.
There will be no problems on the mechanical part, only with the wiring I'm not strong, where to connect something there xs.
The heating of the gearbox can only be powered from the stove, but since on Ravchik the stove is not the hottest in the world anyway, and then another consumer appears, will I freeze in it in winter?
Who rides with HBO, how do you like it?
Here I think it is necessary, or to score?

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ERA0008 2022-08-23 (09:10)

I have so 👇 www.drive2.ru/l/551803105612661275/

Avtoshocker 2022-08-23 (13:41)

, Yeah, I also plan to do something similar to put the sub on the balloon

Yuriy-1967 2022-08-23 (05:16)

If you want, take it. If you don't want it, don't take it. If you use, know the device, take a used one, you will save

Avtoshocker 2022-08-23 (18:40)

, More concerned with how the stove will behave

0Rlan 2022-08-23 (04:32)

When I heard that the state would compensate for the installation of HBO, I immediately thought that prices would also be "indexed". And so it went. P.s. the cylinder can be placed from below, where the muffler can is hanging, there is enough space there. And the muffler is from the 3rd generation, it is small

Avtoshocker 2022-08-23 (04:42)

, This is where such infa was? It’s the first time I hear it. No, the balloon is only in the trunk, on the Gazelle with our winters, the pressure was pumped up there so that it would go. I rearranged it in the salon and it became normal

0Rlan 2022-08-23 (04:48)

, All hang up, I read it for methane 48% subsidy from this year.

Avtoshocker 2022-08-23 (04:54)

, Methane is just not an option, even if they install it for free, the nearest gas station is several thousand kilometers away))

0Rlan 2022-08-23 (04:58)

, In Omsk, these methane filling stations are installed at almost every gas station, and not only at Gazprom gas stations

Avtoshocker 2022-08-23 (04:59)

, Well, the nearest ones are in your area))

0Rlan 2022-08-23 (05:06)

, Yeah, if you come, I'll show you where 😂

Kostik154 2022-08-23 (05:10)

, In a passenger car, it’s not an option even if there are a lot of gas stations around the city ...

Dmitro438 2022-08-23 (03:12)

You can bet, but it’s better to immediately calculate the payback. Good HBO + installation and adjustment, worth the money.

Avtoshocker 2022-08-23 (03:15)

, I won’t take a new one. Of course, it will pay off, but not quickly. That’s why I want to take it. I’ll install it myself, then I also do everything myself

Dmitro438 2022-08-23 (03:28)

, When I was considering buying a gasoline version, I thought about HBO and decided that it was possible. The only downside is trunk space.

Avtoshocker 2022-08-23 (03:31)

, Well, with a place in the trunk, I have trouble without HBO)) That's why I put a roof rack

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