Victory! or completed circles of hell in 2 months!

  • Toyota RAV4 (III)
  • Toyota RAV4 2009
  • Petrol engine 2.0 l.
  • 152 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic transmission
Toyota RAV4 - review, photo and manual
Victory! or completed circles of hell in 2 months! - Toyota RAV4 2009, photo 1

Good day! And so let's start from the very beginning ... Let's fast forward to June 20 of this year, on this day I became a TOYOTA RAV4 owner, for sale. When buying a car, they warned me that it was stolen from the first owner and, as it were, special problems and it’s not that before registering you will have to go through an examination (for free) and everything will be fine, but at the same time everything is printed in black and white in the special marks “PTS” and “STS” that the examination has been passed and there is a change in the wine number from this to another ... Well, having estimated everything a bit, we seem to be trading well and taking it. When I receive the docks, I see and understand that there is nowhere to enter me in the TCP due to an error and wandering from salon to salon, I ask the question, what should I do? RYAZAN) there will be no problems. Well, I think then it’s good, and I flew home to VORONEZH, and then the most interesting thing began: I signed up for state services at the regional traffic police, I arrived at the inspection site and it started from here, we don’t deal with this car we will go to the regional traffic police, well, no Why didn’t I say so, all the more so who will listen to you! I start there from a U-turn and manage to go to that inspection site where they turn me around with the words “Are you signed up for state services in our traffic police?” Of course not, I signed up in my area and he recounted what happened, why I heard the answer "You are from the district and go there, and we first need to sign up for public services," on this my day ended and I went home without understanding. In the evening, after calling friends, we found a little man through whom all this can be done crank it up! After a preliminary phone call, I’m already going to the 3 traffic police department to the inspection site from where they write me a direction for examination in the application and send it to 1 window. then come and it was here that the fact that they didn’t enter me into the TCP surfaced: so there’s no place for me there! fit on fire! In the morning I flew to Ryazan to get registered somewhere 650 km back and forth so you understand! A couple of days later the traffic police didn’t work! and explains that the car is being taken away to undergo an examination, while they will call me to drive it to the place of examination: "Then why take it?" Your VIN numbers are broken! Yes, I know it is written in both the TCP and the STS! I didn’t see the car for 2 and a half weeks, it stupidly stood in the police department, referring to the expert’s busyness. After probably 4 trips to this police department, they appointed me a day. And I arrived, gave all the docks and said go to the expert. and they all say go in 2 weeks we will send the result to the police department, they will contact you. Oh yes, I almost forgot after they inspected the car, looked at the TCP and they say: But you had an examination and we think that everything was so easy. "From that moment 3 more weeks passed and I received a letter with a Refusal to open a criminal case. I thought hurray and flew to the same traffic police from where they took the car. I give the documents to me, they wrote something there for a long time and went, they told me to seal it up and go to re-labeling the wine numbers Where to go I asked and to my surprise the answer I DON'T KNOW, look for it in Balashikha and in Kursk. Do you understand, yes? Then he remembered the name at least something. Evening on the Internet and through Moscow I find the coordinates in Kursk, calling them they say COME! Another 500 km back and forth, 5 minutes of operation of the device and 4 hours waiting for the docks with a happy meal home. After another 4 days with a record on state services, we registered the car. All the emotions about the past cannot be described, although I knew that this was coming to me and as a result, 2 months.

Mileage: 107520 mi. (173000 km.)

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