Battery replacement

  • Toyota RAV4 (III)
  • Toyota RAV4 2010
  • Petrol engine 2.0 l.
  • 158 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Variable speed drive
Toyota RAV4 - review, photo and manual

As I said before, I had a problem with the battery.

native acc - Toyota RAV4 2010, photo 1

Native acc

native acc - Toyota RAV4 2010, photo 2

Native acc

And I solved it like this

Battery replacement - Toyota RAV4 2010, photo 3
Spare parts in the photo: 560410054 - Toyota RAV4 2010, photo 4

Spare parts in the photo: 560410054

Spare parts

Name Manufacturer Vendor code
Battery_.TITAN ASIA STANDART 6CT-62.0 VL B01 (550A) (right) (230x171x221) Hyunday so EXIDE, TITAN, VARTA, VAZ 560410054

Mileage: 43518 mi. (70021 km.)

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seregaexpo 2021-06-06 (22:45)

Upper no. I mean that each model has its own battery. enough even in Yandex to score your car about the battery and everything will become clear. Here I had a 45 amp Factory, but in terms of dimensions, an analogue of only 60 amperes.

valeriyizm 2021-06-07 (15:29)

, Rave!

seregaexpo 2021-06-06 (11:34)

Look at what's in the catalog. What kind of battery is for your car!, then quietly don't forget to apologize

34210 2021-06-06 (21:50)

, Those top (native) 45A battery?

seregaexpo 2021-06-06 (11:30)

So write something smart! try to refute, I write what I know, and what you know!

seregaexpo 2021-06-05 (07:38)

Guys, no matter what battery you buy for yourself, if it is not regular, but regular for 45 ampere hours, it will serve from two to four years, because in terms of dimensions it is only suitable for 60 ampere hours. what does it mean, incomplete charging is generated Low current for charging, the generator does not provide the required power, the battery dies. . this is a fact, and a standard battery costs from 30 rubles. That's the whole truth for you to decide. :-):-):-)

MrDims 2021-06-06 (02:02)

, you're spouting complete rubbish

valeriyizm 2021-06-05 (03:10)

My VARTA has lost almost 100 A of inrush current in two years, though the release is from the Czech Republic. Who put the wrong data on the code? Should be "С2С56…" and corrected to "САС56…", and this changes the country of manufacture and year of manufacture. It turns out the country of manufacture Czech Republic, release 2015

34210 2021-06-05 (06:14)

, I pointed at the points that I saw

valeriyizm 2021-06-05 (07:41)

, In the code, the first letter is (manufacturer H - Germany; C - Czech Republic; S - Sweden; A - Austria; F or R - France; E or G - Spain), the second is a number (conveyor number), the third is a letter, the fourth followed by the year of issue (2015-5) followed by two digits for the month.

34210 2021-06-05 (07:57)

, I'll take another look tomorrow

valeriyizm 2021-06-05 (08:07)

, It’s not worth it, the most important thing is to work, I thought mine would not survive, but the winter was not frosty, let’s see how long it lasts, but I won’t take a varta and a Bosch unless a German comes across with the “H” marking.

MrDims 2021-06-05 (02:18)

Bosch and quality have long ceased to be synonymous ... Bosch and expensive - yes, it remains ...

somebody 2021-06-05 (01:40)

Good battery, should walk well.

MrDims 2021-06-05 (00:03)

And they also say that they live in poverty in Ukraine - even the owners of six-year-old cars put Bosch without blinking an eye :)

2fish 2021-06-05 (02:17)

, In Ukraine, the standard of living rose quite well, and people bought new cars, before the fucking Maidan. Many still have stock. That one is probably better to take an expensive and high-quality thing than to constantly buy all sorts of garbage, even with the last money, IMHO.

34210 2021-06-05 (06:16)

, Well, I blinked my eye when the car completely refused to start.

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