Autumn MOT

  • Toyota RAV4(I)
  • Toyota RAV4 1999
  • Petrol engine 2.0 l.
  • 121 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic transmission
Toyota RAV4 - review, photo and manual

As part of the autumn maintenance:

1) Repaired the rear washer. Stopped working last summer. The motor hums - there is no water. The car was on a slope and after a few seconds of work, I heard the murmur of water - behind the rear bumper on the right, a trickle flowed to the ground. With a screwdriver and a key for 10 and 17 (belt) I dismantled the entire rear trunk panel. Just outrageously, clips are held in several places, but they are visible and clear how to pull.
-don't forget to remove the door sill- the panel is removed when the door is open

It seems that all the places are indicated in the picture - Toyota RAV4 1999, photo 1

It seems that all the places are indicated in the picture

The hose flew off the adapter - Toyota RAV4 1999, photo 2

The hose flew off the adapter

Just in case, I secured the top with electrical tape.
Cleaned out a ton of dust, poured mining into the arch.
Found a place of repair after an accident by one of the previous owners.

dusty - Toyota RAV4 1999, photo 3


working out - Toyota RAV4 1999, photo 4

Working out

2) Soldered the fuel level sensor. wires rotted to the ground. I couldn’t remove the gas tank cap (I used HP, heads and swear words) — I repaired it on the spot. It was possible to irradiate the wires only with the help of acid. Rosin and LTI did not help - I used different solder. Soldered directly to the copper nickels. From above, filled everything with a glue gun.

Cleaned up to copper nickels - Toyota RAV4 1999, photo 5

Cleaned up to copper nickels

filled with glue after soldering - Toyota RAV4 1999, photo 6

Filled with glue after soldering

3) light bulbs changed
4) install the native rails on the fifth door. Before that, I tried electrical tape, bought fasteners from Cherie (enough for a couple of months). I forked out for the original inner bar 69461-42012, I got sick of the creak.
The seat of the counterpart (which is on the body) was cleaned with a file and four skins of different grain sizes to a “mirror”, smeared with lithol. Now the door closes perfectly, there are no knocks.
5) tried to eliminate the squeak of the rear drum (when you release the brake pedal) - to no avail. I will make a second pass.
6) I soldered the signal wires. They rotted and the signal stopped working a month ago. Soldered with acid, now monophony, quite sonorous. Not like the Volga, but still) There was an idea to put the compressor pipe — drove it away.
7) greased all door hinges stopped creaking when opened.
8) set the gap of the gas tank hatch using washers.

Spare parts

Name Manufacturer Vendor code
Door stop TOYOTA LEXUS 6946142012

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