Fuel flap drive

  • Toyota RAV4 (II)
  • Toyota RAV4 2003
  • Petrol engine 2.0 l.
  • 150 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic transmission
Toyota RAV4 - review, photo and manual

Finally got around to finishing the process of replacing the cable with an electric drive.

The correct button icon is in place. - Toyota RAV4 2003, photo 1

The correct button icon is in place.

But there was an unexpected problem with the backlight of the button. Since the bulb on the purchased button burned out, I bought a new one. The backlight of the button was powered from the adjacent button. Plus and minus on the contacts of the button are present. I insert a light bulb and ... nothing. In this case, the adjacent button is highlighted. I check the voltage at the contacts, but there is no voltage. Not quite of course, 1.5 volts on the balance. I remove the light bulb from the button - again 12 volts. Some miracles 🤷‍♂️

The light bulb is not China. - Toyota RAV4 2003, photo 2

The light bulb is not China.

I don't know what to do with this puzzle. Maybe you connected it wrong or the light bulb is not correct?

Mileage: 99441 mi. (160000 km.)

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