Replacing the front springs

  • Toyota RAV4(I)
  • Toyota RAV4 1998
  • Petrol engine 2.0 l.
  • 129 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Manual Transmission
Toyota RAV4 - review, photo and manual

Good day!
Finally finished it after work today!
But first things first. I bought a car with winter tires, since the former owner had a rafik since December, idle and without movement. Upon arrival home, I went to the tavern to change tires, raise the right side on the jack and voila, the top coil falls on the front spring, zae…k 😁
Well, there is nothing to do, I order springs when I go home, I didn’t take something expensive or reinforced, I took STELLOX + new anthers

Springs - Toyota RAV4 1998, photo 1


By the way, before that, a new set of tools came to me (I was tired of constantly asking someone)

Personal set - Toyota RAV4 1998, photo 2

Personal set

Well, on the day off I go to the garage and start replacing, I started on the right side, where there is a broken spring

Broken coil still the same right side - Toyota RAV4 1998, photo 3

Broken coil still the same right side

Well, then we remove the rack and disassemble

Next, we put a new spring and assemble the rack, put it in its proper place, I decided to finish it on the first day, since the heat on the street was +33 degrees and it was simply unbearable to do this further.
And today, after work, I decided that I still need to finish the left side. I came to the garage, took off the wheel, unscrewed the two lower bolts of the rack and you won’t believe it rained 🤣 as they say, don’t have diarrhea and scrofula 😁
Well, there is nothing to do, I need to continue, I quickly remove the rack and go to the garage, then everything is according to the old scheme, we remove the spring

old and new spring - Toyota RAV4 1998, photo 4

Old and new spring

Then we collect everything and install it in its place!

Both sides before replacing the springs were 41cm from the center of the hub to the edge of the arch

Before - Toyota RAV4 1998, photo 5


+4 cm, I understand that they will still sit down, it was the concept of clearance, but the correct operation of the suspension.
Good luck to everyone on the road!

Replacing the front springs - Toyota RAV4 1998, photo 6

Spare parts

Name Manufacturer Vendor code
Spring STELLOX 1023168SX

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