• Toyota RAV4 (IV)
  • Toyota RAV4 2017
  • Petrol engine 2.0 l.
  • 149 horsepower
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Variable speed drive
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People, tell me, is there any configuration of the equal 4th generation of rear air ducts? Here is a really necessary function, but I don’t have it

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Panamka007 2022-07-05 (08:46)

In the 4th generation, there is an air duct in the center of the panel, which should drive air to the rear row of seats, but this concept was most likely made for an average climate, when it is cold in winter and hot in winter, it is not so effective

Toyota800 2022-07-05 (08:52)

, I agree, there was such a thing in Auris, that's where he really drove back, and there was no such problem

Russ-89 2022-07-05 (08:43)

So under the front seats there are heaters, on all trim levels. If not enough, put a potbelly stove 😁

Toyota800 2022-07-05 (08:46)

, cold is needed, not warm

Russ-89 2022-07-05 (08:50)

, There is such a function, conder😁

Toyota800 2022-07-05 (08:51)

, Well then it's cold in front

Aleks7786 2022-07-05 (07:38)

In Rav 4 and in Duster there is none, in other cars there are (Prado 150, Fortuner, Rexton), they are of no use as a dead poultice, in winter the warm air is already cooling before it reaches them, since the air channels go along the floor, in summer with the air conditioner running cold air is already heated before it reaches. To make the rear passengers comfortable, the climate needs to be adjusted to the flow in the face or face and legs, to add fan speed, then it becomes uncomfortable for the front passenger and driver, it is hot in winter, cold in summer. I tried to find the optimal ratio for front and rear passengers - it's useless. This is my personal opinion, I do not impose on anyone! In order for everyone to be comfortable, you need a three-zone or four-zone climate control in a car, then everything is SUPER! 👍

MAKBW16 2022-07-05 (07:11)

The Kodiak has such a thing. Really cool. Raff is missing this.

LDVST 2022-07-05 (06:57)

These air ducts were just separately advertised in the new generation.

Ojlejko 2022-07-05 (06:24)

In the 4th body, this function is not available as such.

RAV4-001 2022-07-05 (05:06)

The new one has it, but somehow I don't notice them.

Toyota800 2022-07-05 (05:42)

, if you drive from the front, then I’m fine too, but from the back, my wife doesn’t have enough air, then it’s cold. I looked in the yard is the 5th generation, there is. I tried to find on the Internet for the 4th generation, I did not find it. And the function is really very useful. I would be confused and would do it myself if I could find something at the disassembly.

Vick-Kib 2022-07-05 (06:41)

, So after all, you can buy this little thing from the 5th and embed (solder) into your own, and then adjust the air ducts.

Toyota800 2022-07-05 (08:50)

, well, then the connection from the side ones needs to be round, if it were a kit from disassembly, then I would decide, but soldering is not an option. I already bought a round pipe insulation, on my next trip to the sea, I’ll just put it in a round one and so far)

david800 2022-07-05 (04:40)

in a new body it seems worth it

Toyota800 2022-07-05 (05:39)

, in the new one, yes, I specifically looked

19580629 2022-07-05 (04:34)

Complete bullshit, no.

Toyota800 2022-07-05 (05:39)

, Thanks

Mixail6878 2022-07-05 (04:17)

I don't have an exclusive

Toyota800 2022-07-05 (05:39)

, Exclusive this the most maximum?

Mixail6878 2022-07-05 (05:42)

, No, I don’t think there is a circular view

Toyota800 2022-07-05 (05:43)

, well, then I’m still waiting for the answer of those who have a circular view

Serega638 2022-07-05 (05:50)

, No one in the fourth body has this

Yuri1706 2022-07-05 (06:31)

, With circular, there are no rear deflectors.

Toyota800 2022-07-05 (08:50)

, Thanks

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