H8, H11, H16 Led fog lamps with normal STG.

  • Toyota RAV4 (IV)
  • Toyota RAV4 2013
  • Diesel engine 2.2 l.
  • 150 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic transmission
Toyota RAV4 - review, photo and manual

I bought Led fog lamps to remove the yellow color of halogens, at a discount at www.ozon.ru/context/detail/id/165462286
They shine brightly, with a halogen can not be compared. STG - clear ...

Consumption for cold 22 Vata. - Toyota RAV4 2013, photo 1

Consumption for cold 22 Vata.

Consumption after warming up 12 watts. - Toyota RAV4 2013, photo 2

Consumption after warming up 12 watts.

The luminous flux after warming up fell by itself by almost 2 times.

Case temperature after warming up 90 degrees. - Toyota RAV4 2013, photo 3

Case temperature after warming up 90 degrees.

Lamp inside. - Toyota RAV4 2013, photo 4

Lamp inside.

The lamp housing is not hermetic, although the joint of the housings was smeared with transparent silicone.
If you drown the bumper in a puddle, there is a chance to drown the lamps!

The LEDs are located on both sides of the copper plate - a complete imitation of the filament. - Toyota RAV4 2013, photo 5

The LEDs are located on both sides of the copper plate - a complete imitation of the filament.

I smeared the contact point of the heat sink of the LEDs with KPT-8 heat-conducting paste. The outer part of the lamp sealant.

H8, H11, H16 Led fog lamps with normal STG. - Toyota RAV4 2013, photo 6

Twisted and removed the extruded.

Collected and glued. - Toyota RAV4 2013, photo 7

Collected and glued.

The price, of course, is shaggy on ozone, it’s easier to buy the Chinese.
Here you can select the temperature.


Spare parts

Name Manufacturer Vendor code
LYNX. PS3010 LYNX PS3010

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Registration 2022-02-19 (12:36)

Hello! How did these LED lamps perform after 2 months of operation? I mean, they have a very small radiator area. My experiment in PTF with also “modified” LED lamps (with radiators of a much larger area, but of a different “design”), unfortunately, was not “successful”, one LED was “unsoldered” from overheating (about 3 hours of continuous operation PTF)…

H8, H11, H16 Led fog lamps with normal STG., Toyota RAV4 2013 - ,  0
PashaPasha0 2022-02-19 (23:40)

Registration, Everything works, I go every day. It's around 0 outside, of course. These lamps have feedback on the body temperature. The case heats up - the driver heats up - reduces the current ...

Registration 2022-02-19 (23:51)

Registration, Understood, thanks for the reply. Your approach to the choice is clearly not amateurish, I will try to install the same design as yours, only on 4300K. Maybe these "light bulbs" have LEDs that are "newer/more technologically advanced" and will heat up less ... Good luck!

PashaPasha0 2022-02-25 (04:51)

Registration, these lamps have one LED designed specifically to replace halogen lamps

H8, H11, H16 Led fog lamps with normal STG., Toyota RAV4 2013 - ,  2
Cobra-42 2021-12-16 (07:25)

well, where is the photo? how do they shine?

PashaPasha0 2021-12-16 (12:38)

Cobra-42, Believe me, they shine well. STG is clear, the only minus the temperature of my 5500K is too white. It was necessary to take 4300K ​​from the Chinese.

Cobra-42 2021-12-17 (03:58)

Cobra-42, No report without photos!

PashaPasha0 2021-12-22 (13:16)

Cobra-42, video for you personally

KycokOl 2021-12-15 (02:41)

If you don’t mind the money, then it’s better to take the original from Lexus.

PashaPasha0 2021-12-15 (06:41)

KycokOl, Yes, this is understandable, they cost under 10 thousand. each. On Avito used one trash after an accident.

KycokOl 2021-12-15 (08:29)

KycokOl, They cost 8500 a set.

PashaPasha0 2021-12-15 (10:06)

KycokOl, 81210-48050 and 81220-48050 manufacturer KOITO price of one 7-8 thousand.

KycokOl 2021-12-15 (10:10)

KycokOl, www.drive2.ru/l/567501382878232842/

SGA 2021-12-15 (17:02)

KycokOl, Now the new part numbers are 81210-48051 and 81220-48051, they are 5800-6300 each.

mks51 2021-12-14 (20:09)

The flashlight is great, but it buzzes a lot

PashaPasha0 2021-12-14 (17:29)

At the same time buy a flashlight for fishing aliexpress.ru/item/400040…=47843&utm_source=admitad

Cobra-42 2021-12-16 (07:28)

PashaPasha0, ha ha nailed it!)))