Music from smartphone to GU

  • Toyota RAV4 (5G)
  • Toyota RAV4 2019
  • Petrol engine 2.0 l.
  • 150 horsepower
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Variable speed drive
Toyota RAV4 - review, photo and manual

When the engine starts, the smart automatically connects to the PG via the blue tooth and music starts playing. The smartphone has 2 players - JetAudio and Poweramp. I noticed that the playback is using Poweramp. I stop Poweramp, start JetAudio - GU plays through it. I turn off the engine, start it - again the playback is using Poweramp.
How to make it so that when starting / restarting the GU, the playback goes using JetAudio, and not Poweramp?
Removing Poweramp is not considered

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