New mayfun. Which?

  • Toyota RAV4 (5G)
  • Toyota RAV4 2020
  • Petrol engine 2.0 l.
  • 150 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Variable speed drive
Toyota RAV4 - review, photo and manual

Hello everyone.

Share your experience, who installed what radio tape recorders instead of their own? Established is not extremely informative, I want something more useful and convenient. And what are the difficulties in self-installation (if someone bothered with this)?

New mayfun. Which? - Toyota RAV4 2020, photo 1
New mayfun. Which? - Toyota RAV4 2020, photo 2
New mayfun. Which? - Toyota RAV4 2020, photo 3
New mayfun. Which? - Toyota RAV4 2020, photo 4

Mileage: 20820 mi. (33500 km.)

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sfAusar 2022-06-27 (01:10)

Tiays ss3. Year, normal flight. The sound is very good, wide band equalizer allows you to customize the sound for yourself. Of course, you need to change the standard acoustics. Cinema, YouTube, radio - what else do you need? And, of course, a very good interface. On the main screen, both music and Yandex navigator are displayed as widgets. The round view is working. Glitches - yes, it happens. Sound goes out once a month. Generally. Solved by rebooting the device. It's 10 seconds. I am very pleased with this device.

t-gra 2022-06-27 (03:39)

, I confirm) the only thing that annoys is that in sunny weather the screen glares, have you tried film or glass? if so, post a link

sfAusar 2022-06-27 (03:43)

, No, I haven't. Glare is not particularly annoying. I try to watch movies only in the evening. During the day when it's sunny, it's really uncomfortable

teamsters 2022-06-26 (16:47)

I listen 90% of the time to FM radio, if the reception is bad, then a flash drive with music.

CharlyVlad 2022-06-26 (10:43)

I have already taken the second Ownice. Happy as an elephant. There are no glitches, as well as dances with a tambourine during installation. I took it in the official store on Ali.

Alib1982 2022-06-26 (07:39)

I had idooing on my last Forester, like that's what it's called, and my brother set himself a thiays. Everything would be fine, but the speakerphone became disgusting. I indulged in literally a week, and then only listened to the radio. Summary, if now they offered to deliver it for free, I would not agree. This is my purely personal opinion

Dmshub 2022-06-26 (07:33)

If you set it yourself, then this tuning777.rf / goods / Radio-GU-NaviPilot-DROID The seller has versions with better parameters

Dmshub 2022-06-26 (07:27)

What is the configuration of the RAV? Not everyone supports all-round visibility.

PoliVik 2022-06-26 (08:45)

, There is no circular

Noah41 2022-06-26 (07:08)

Look towards Dasaita

t-gra 2022-06-26 (06:38)

t-Rambler 2022-06-26 (06:17)

Agree with previous comment. Replacing one will pull the replacement of the other. For me, carplay is the best option for today. You can also mount an android block, but from the previous car I realized that this was a toy for a short time. My opinion

AlexSol72 2022-06-26 (04:51)

The android has its own shortcomings, which will come out over time or immediately, and their sound is mediocre, and the bass is not very good. And immediately + will have to change the speakers. But it’s better to make the same android through Carplay from the head unit or buy an android unit, for 6 thousand, which works via usb

RAV4-001 2022-06-26 (05:55)

, The sound may be mediocre, but much better than the standard balalaika.

Aarkaditch 2022-06-26 (07:42)

, Plus on the problems, but a little in the other direction) I set myself the maximum in terms of characteristics, it still bugs out, alas (I had to reinstall the android so that the problems disappeared I can recommend the Novosibirsk company Car Better, I ordered it there, they go to contact, support in case of problems, send software👌🏻) I set myself the maximum Witson in Smart Despite the problems of the android, I can say that it’s so great to live with it that now it’s hard to drive in a car with a native multimedia system😄

PoliVik 2022-06-26 (08:44)

, Thanks

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