• Toyota RAV4 (IV)
  • Toyota RAV4 2014
  • Diesel engine 2.2 l.
  • 150 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic transmission
Toyota RAV4 - review, photo and manual

The trouble came from where they did not expect: after the epic with the hubs

This video blew up. - Toyota RAV4 2014, photo 1

This video blew up.

Almost simultaneously demanded replacement antifreeze. Changing antifreeze is not a problem, but antifreeze didn’t just want a replacement: the stove murmured.
The rollers were changed at the dealer. Of course it's expensive. Although the dealer picked up analog. You have to pay half the salary for your relatives.
I no longer bothered with the stove, I handed over my tractor for trade-in. I do not want to wait: what trouble will be next. No time to repair — the car is needed every day.
If there are no complaints about the internal combustion engine, then the rest is not at all eternal.
We ended our communication with Rav. Moved to the puffer.

Spare parts

Name Manufacturer Vendor code
brake drum NK 252540

Mileage: 156955 mi. (252540 km.)

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Diver84 2022-08-23 (08:50)

What did they change to?

Inok63 2022-08-23 (08:52)

, Aspirated 1.6 brand Corolla.

Diver84 2022-08-23 (08:54)

, Normally, Toyota does not let go. Corolla with high mileage?

Inok63 2022-08-23 (08:56)

, 90 thousand There is simply no alternative to Toyota. Even though she's not the same as before.

Diver84 2022-08-23 (08:58)

, Maybe yes … I have a Toyota first. I used to think there is no alternative to the stage.

Inok63 2022-08-23 (09:12)

, I'm not the first. And I listen to the stories of friends and comrades, as well as read special magazines and draw conclusions: there is no alternative. Were reliable "Koreans" — would take the Elantra.

Diver84 2022-08-23 (09:15)

, May it be so. I'm glad that Rav ran so much)

Inok63 2022-08-23 (09:25)

, I think he's still running. Put in order and go.

Diver84 2022-08-23 (09:52)

, So that's great. Good luck to you!

DIMALIND 2022-08-23 (09:57)

, A year before Toyota, I bought a new sporteyzh, to be honest, changing into a ravine, I understand that the spore is not right, and there were enough questions about both the steering and the suspension. Toyota is still young in this regard. Mileage both there and there for 50 thousand total

NeW-74 2022-08-23 (20:58)

, So I rode Qashqai for 4 months, well, not that coat, although in some ways it is better than a rabbi. He also traded in and bought the rav from them, but everything was fast and without taking out the brain by cashless buyers.

Inok63 2022-08-23 (21:24)

, Well, how is it to ride a "kopeck piece" after 2.5 - is there a difference?

NeW-74 2022-08-23 (21:30)

, If you compare Rava, sometimes you have to change seats during the day, then 2 liters is not for starts and races, so moving between points. 2.5 it will be a bit livelier on the track, of course! But Qashqai 2 l is more cheerful than Rava 2 l definitely, maybe less weight. Dorestayl was 3 years old 2 liter variator sold due to the fact that 2.5 wanted but of course no effect vpu! Yes, and at 2.5 automatic transmission it is not clear now that hemorrhoids are under repair. With machine guns, they stick cheerfully because of the hull that breaks them. Camry 50 was also 2.5, so she liked Siberian uncleaned cities but it's not for her! Klrolla identity was my wife 150 body on the automatic transmission after the robots were 2011, this is the topic, I liked to ride it around the city.

Inok63 2022-08-23 (22:13)

, It's clear. So it seems to me that Karolka is somehow livelier. More nimble or something. Rav is like a hippopotamus. 😂

Oberon86 2022-08-24 (13:08)

, Toyota brand, and Corolla model

Inok63 2022-08-24 (20:03)

, Thanks for the hint.