Brush replacement.

  • Toyota RAV4 (IV)
  • Toyota RAV4 2013
  • Diesel engine 2.2 l.
  • 150 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Automatic transmission
Toyota RAV4 - review, photo and manual

I bought LYNX winter brushes (articles: LW650 and LW400), compared to my relatives (which are really more than a year and a half already), they seem to clean normally, but they are still new, let's see what happens next. I took it in an autodock, for the money: 920 on the driver's side and 378 on the passenger side.

Photo from tyrnet, not mine. - Toyota RAV4 2013, photo 1

Photo from tyrnet, not mine.

Spare parts

Name Manufacturer Vendor code
Windshield wiper blade winter, 650mm LYNX LW650
Winter wiper blade, 400mm LYNX LW400
Wiper blade winter, 450mm LYNX LW450

Mileage: 27657 mi. (44500 km.)

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