HELP! I'm looking for the part number of the original rubber mat in the trunk

  • Toyota RAV4 (III)
  • Toyota RAV4 2010
  • Petrol engine 2.0 l.
  • 158 horsepower
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Variable speed drive
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HELP! I'm looking for the part number of the original rubber mat in the trunk - Toyota RAV4 2010, photo 1

Hello! ;) I had a little trouble - yesterday they poured ignition fluid on a rubber mat in the trunk, as a result, the mat was slightly swollen at the stain site + it had an unreal smell of kerosene (the whole balcony smelled of this smell overnight). I don’t even know what to do with it - it’s probably easier to buy a new one. Please tell me the part number of the original rubber mat with bumpers in the trunk for the short-base version - thanks in advance)
P.S. Today I got into the car in the evening - the smell is still there too, maybe there are some life hacks on how to remove it, but I probably will have to take the car to dry cleaning (although the liquid only got on the rug, and there was a little of it).

Thank you for your attention and be careful with kerosene-containing substances)

Mileage: 85768 mi. (138000 km.)

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Zavxoz000 2022-02-25 (20:08)

NPL-P-88-45 Unidec, took this number for myself in the summer.

AntonVasilevich1 2022-02-25 (22:27)

, Today I saw a newline one under such an article - it seems to be nothing NLC.48.09.B13g

Zavxoz000 2022-02-26 (08:42)

, Specify only, short or long base, otherwise I have a long base lying around, they brought it so I did not specify.

AntonVasilevich1 2022-02-26 (14:53)

, I have a short

Constantine96 2022-02-25 (10:34)

Original number PZ434X2301PJ. I would probably not watch the original if I didn’t have it, it seems to me that you can find a better option.

AntonVasilevich1 2022-02-25 (12:58)

, Thank you, Kostya) I think you're right - if the non-original is better and cheaper, then I'll take it. To be honest, in Minsk there is nothing even by article number anywhere (

fisher304 2022-02-25 (09:41)

True, but Antonio asked for the original) Therefore, he gave a link to the catalog of the existentialist. there are many substitutes

YURRaVS 2022-02-25 (09:34)

I bought myself a cut-layer of the company-for both equals. Satisfied as an elephant and the quality is better and they are three times cheaper! Then I liked the salons bought the whole set. They even visually look more expensive than the original ... .

HELP! I'm looking for the part number of the original rubber mat in the trunk, Toyota RAV4 2010 - ,  3
AntonVasilevich1 2022-02-25 (12:58)

, I'll consider this option, thanks

fisher304 2022-02-25 (08:45)

I would search here…x?p=111&m=5508&g=9&flag=4 Like this: Toyota PZ434-X2301-PJ or 08213-42090

AntonVasilevich1 2022-02-25 (12:59)

, Thank you) It’s a pity, there is no more existentialism in my country and for some reason these articles do not fight in any other catalogs (

fisher304 2022-02-25 (13:20)

,\ and just drive in Yandex, or in your search engine in Minsk

ivan-sere 2022-02-25 (05:53)

Look from the suprotek a balloon for disinfecting the interior. I took red, really removed the smell. By the numbers of the rugs, just type in the search engine rugs in the trunk for rav 4.

AntonVasilevich1 2022-02-25 (13:00)

, I have to try) I also googled about the ozonation of the cabin, though xs will help or not

SlavMaster 2021-06-09 (10:22)

I was looking for my own, but I realized that it was impossible to find because the product was not supplied, I bought another manufacturer, it lay well in the trunk, now I can at least transport something without fear for the goyaz on the carpet. 🙂

AntonVasilevich1 2021-06-09 (14:25)

, As a result, I put the polyurethane one - unlike the rubber one, it cleans well, but does not absorb moisture: when I threw the brush after sweeping away the snow, the drops from the thawed snow still had not dried

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