About the site

[{"_type":"p","_children":[{"_type":"_text","_content":"This website is an information site of the Toyota RAV4 International Club. It contains information about the repair and operation of the car, photos and videos, as well as comments and reviews from real owners. One of the main components of the site is the publications and articles of Toyota RAV4 owners."}]},{"_type":"p","_children":[{"_type":"_text","_content":"Here you can get any information in different languages ​​on all generations of the Toyota RAV4 model and even ask a question to the club's experts. We have collected and systematized information about various errors and problems of Toyota RAV4, improvements and upgrades, repairs and maintenance. For convenience, all articles, manuals and reviews are divided into categories. You can find a complete list of articles for any generation on the corresponding pages. Sections are supplemented with new publications every day."}]},{"_type":"p","_children":[{"_type":"_text","_content":"Site users can leave feedback and comments on the talk pages. All reviews are moderated and may be deleted by the site administration if they contain offensive language or obscene language."}]},{"_type":"p","_children":[{"_type":"_text","_content":"All site data is published by expert authors, as well as collected and updated from open sources, including from the sites and blogs of the authors. If you find any inaccuracies, please write to us."}]}]